Friday, July 01, 2022

Visiting Florida for Pesach and need activities for Chol Hamoed? The Kosher Bahama Cruise Company is offering a two-day cruise on the Grand Celebration, a member of the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, with a special for Pesach: a designated dining room with all food under the hashgacha of the ORB. All dairy products will be chalav Yisrael and all food items will be non-gebrochts. The food will all be freshly prepared and cooked on the ship, with a team of two to four mashgichim present at all times in the kitchen, dining room and the Oasis top-deck kosher barbecue area. A rav and chazan will be on board, together with a sefer Torah, and tefillah will occur in a specific lecture hall designated as the beit knesset. There will be barbecue for kids and adults each day, rooms for shiurim, kids game zones, movies and many more daily activities. The ship itself features nine decks, so while the children are busy with activities, adults can relax and enjoy an invigorating massage, beauty treatment or Turkish steam bath, or work out in the fitness center. A secluded jacuzzi area has been arranged with assigned times for men and women.

The ship itself offers 60 percent of its cabins with spectacular ocean views. Cabins can sleep two, three or four people, depending upon the configuration of the beds, and wheelchair accessible cabins are available upon request. Luxurious suites are also available.

Throughout the year, the Kosher Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line also provides a perfect venue for family get-togethers and celebrations, such as Shabbat bar mitzvahs or even that hard-to-arrange “destination wedding.” Accomodations can be arranged for 50 to 500 people, all under ORB supervision. The Admiralty Club is allocated for kosher dining throughout the day.

For those who might feel “cabin fever” while visiting Florida for Pesach, this will give everyone the opportunity to spend time with family and then take off for an experience to remember.

Rates for the Pesach cruise begin at $249 per person, plus applicable taxes and port fees. Only 54 cabins are left for the free ocean-view upgrade. For further information, please call 954 568 8400, and see this week’s ad on page 42.

By Nina Glick

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