Monday, March 27, 2023

The holiday of Sukkot is synonymous with joy. In Israel, the merriment of the “season of rejoicing” is palpable –with the celebrations literally being brought on to the street.

Parks and museums hold special events, with live music, craft booths and food trucks in abundance. The traditional festivities of “Simchat Beit HaShoeivah,” which take place during the intermediate celebratory days, include street parties which go on into the wee hours of the night. On the “restricted” days, there’s music in the air from the thousands of families singing in the sukkahs that line the pathway and yards, adorn balconies and occupy parking lots.

As one of the most vibrant holidays in the country, it’s no wonder that this is the most popular tourist season as well. While there is no other experience like Sukkot in Israel, there is one element that many tourists crave - the intimacy of gathering with family and friends in their very own sukkah.

Dwelling in the sukkah, for many observant and traditional Jews, is the quintessential activity of Sukkot which can lose its magic when conducted in a spiritless dining room style sukkah found in hotels. Although renting an apartment is an option, the logistics of preparing it without actually being in the country can become daunting - and not exactly the ideal way to start a vacation.

Luckily there is a new lodging option for tourists in Israel who are seeking home comforts without compromising on luxury accommodations: Sweet Inn, and the name says it all.

This new enterprise spanning the cities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (as well as many European cities), provides a hotel-like concierge experience with personalized services for their guests. Sweet Inn Jerusalem is no exception, offering high quality, short term rentals in the most prominent parts of the city. Local interior designers infuse the surrounding neighborhood’s unique character into the decor. When it comes to Sukkot, this service extends to constructing and decorating a sukkah as well.

At Sweet Inn, guests have the option to customize their stay exactly as they choose with a selection of “a la carte” additional services, from arriving to a custom stocked fridge, to setting up a local smartphone, to car rentals, housekeeping and grocery deliveries throughout their stay. Beyond that, Sweet Inn can arrange for tickets to local events, tour guides and more. They even offer insider tips to the city to give tourists an authentic perspective and access to the Sweet Inn app which provides 24/7 customer care and assistance.

Sweet Inn gives tourists an authentic holiday experience while they are being pampered by the hotel’s local staff who are always ready to meet their every need. Many Sweet Inn apartments include a balcony where a kosher sukkah can be assembled to provide an intimate setting with a stunning backdrop for the guests to connect to the spirit of the holiday.

For more information about the Sweet Inn, visit www.sweetinn.com.

By Joy Lapinsky

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