Wednesday, December 01, 2021

(Courtesy of Destination Kosher) Pesach will still look very different this year. While many people may consider staying home with their family, many people this year are traveling to a Pesach program after being bunkered up in their house over the last 10 months. Last year when COVID-19 hit the world, the Pesach industry was shaken. Ultimately, every Pesach program had to cancel due to capacity requirements, government restrictions or safety guidelines they couldn’t meet. Hotels shut down, airlines paused and many people who would typically go away, for the first time in 40 years stayed home, cooked, cleaned and spent the Seder with their family.

This year, fortunately, the Passover program industry has rebounded and while there are roughly only 30 Passover programs confirmed, many people are interested in getting away and traveling to one of them. People haven’t traveled in 10 months; they miss the ambience, the programming and the hotel amenities, and want to travel to a program whether it’s locally or in a different state or country.

Thankfully, there are many Pesach programs happening this year all around the world. Whether you want to travel to Florida to Lasko Getaways; Mexico to Haafikomen or Diamond Club; Dubai/Abu Dhabi to KDeluxe; Puerto Rico to Kosherica; Passover tour operators have made it possible for thousands of people this year. Avi Lasko of Lasko Getaways in Miami says, “Florida will be the place to go this year for many U.S. Pesach travelers and those from abroad. Our No. 1 priority is to keep all our guests safe, while making it an enjoyable experience with our one-of-a-kind waterpark, live concerts and incredible food. Thankfully, we’re able to do that again this year, while giving everyone a truly amazing experience as we have done the past 30-plus years.”

It’s going to be a different year on these programs with mask wearing, social distancing, outdoor dining, lower capacity requirements and children pod groups, but when you think about it, this is all for the safety of the guests. This is to make everyone feel comfortable with knowing that every Pesach program out there is doing their very best to continue the decades of tradition of going away on a wonderful program. The biggest question is which program to choose.

When you’re looking for a program this year in Florida, Puerto Rico, Dubai or Mexico, how do you know who is confirmed to have a Pesach program, what the prices are, how the food is, how the programming is, and what safety precautions these programs are putting in place? Thankfully there’s now a one-stop shop website called passoverlistings.com that makes it very easy for a Pesach guest and traveler to do all their research and contact a program directly with a quote inquiry or a question. With thousands of reliable reviews from prior guests on their website, you can easily choose which program you may be interested in and contact the program directly. If you are looking for more information on a Pesach program, check out www.passoverlistings.com!

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