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City is the largest city in North America, and countless unique and interesting places are an absolute must-visit when you are out and all set to explore this incredible city.

But – given the size of the city – it might be difficult to experience everything it has to offer if you are there for only a few days. However, if you are planning to move to Mexico, and you have appointed the best movers to Mexico, then you will have plenty of time to explore everything Mexico offers.

Nonetheless, if you are only visiting Mexico for a few days, then you will want to know about the following incredible places to visit in Mexico.

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On the top of this list, we have Zocalo, which is the main public square and one of the most recognizable spots in Mexico City.

Zocalo has been a centerpiece of public gatherings and ceremonies since the days of the Aztecs. A lot of social and national events, as well as festivals, are still held there. Zocalo is also surrounded by several historic buildings – including the city’s national palace and cathedral.

You can expect loads of police and military in this area – but the architecture around this place is worth admiring. You will be sure to take amazing pictures. Right in the center of the square, you will find one of the biggest Mexican flags that you have ever seen.

We recommend going to Zocalo before sunset – because every evening, Mexican soldiers march out to the center of the square to take down the flag. However, the timings for this parade are inconsistent, so make sure to reach the spot at least half an hour before sunset – if you don’t want to risk missing it.


Roma Norte

Roma Norte is the hipster heart of the Mexican city and is filled with amazing cafes, boutiques, and restaurants, and it is also close to some of Mexico’s biggest attractions.

The first thing that you will probably notice about Roma Norte is that there is a lot of greenery. It also has a certain Bohemian vibe to it. Roma Norte is more upscale than most parts of Mexico City. Here you will find many young professionals working out of coffee shops.

Roma Norte is also a popular area to stay in amongst expats because of its safe and central location. When it comes to food, there are countless amazing options available at your disposal – offering every type of cuisine you can possibly imagine.

One of the best things about Mexico is that it is such a good mix of both – old and new. You will be amazed to see all of the modern skyscrapers and buildings, but then you will also have historic architecture. Once in Mexico, you will also want to check out Museo Soumaya, a futuristic-looking art museum.

This museum displays Carlos Slim’s private art collection of over 66 thousand pieces of artwork from over 30 centuries. So, if you are an art lover, this is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on at all costs.


Chapultepec Park

Chapultepec Park is one of the biggest public parks in the Western hemisphere. By the park entrance, you will find vendors on both sides selling all sorts of stuff – snacks, food, and toys. And everything is very cheap – so you can get cheap souvenirs for your loved ones.

There are countless things to experience inside this green oasis – including museums, monuments, and activities like paddle boating. You will also find one of the world’s most visited zoos in this park and even a magnificent castle.

If you plan to visit this park, you will want to avoid wearing cut sleeves or shorts – because the mosquitoes out there will bite you. So, make sure your arms and legs are covered.

The Chapultepec park is stretched over 1600 acres and divided into three separate sections, so you will definitely have to come back more than once if you truly want to experience everything this place offers.

After all the walking around – you will eventually get hungry – but don’t worry – throughout the park, you will find tons of vendors and stands selling local snacks and treats for cheap.

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