Saturday, June 03, 2023

EL AL Protect allows travelers to cancel tickets for any reason.

(Courtesy of EL AL) EL AL Israel Airlines has announced the launch of EL AL Protect, a new service that adds flexibility to passenger bookings. The service costs $19 per ticket for flights of up to 6½ hours and $29 per ticket for flights of 6½ hours or more.

Matmid Frequent Flyer members also have the option of purchasing the service with points.

EL AL Protect, which is only available for purchase at the time of booking, allows travelers to cancel their ticket for any reason and receive a credit voucher for future use without having to pay cancellation fees. In addition to the ticket price, customers will also be reimbursed for ancillary products such as SPACE seating and extra checked baggage that they purchased.

To receive the voucher, customers must cancel their booking at least 24 hours before departure.

“EL AL Protect is another significant step to improve our customer experience,” said Shlomi Zafrani, vice president of commerce and international affairs. “It makes booking in advance easy and worry-free. This new service will allow our customers to book flights months in advance at affordable prices and be assured that they can cancel their reservation without penalty if they are unable to fly on the dates of their booking.”

Customers who purchased EL AL Protect and canceled their tickets in compliance with the terms of service will receive a credit voucher valid until Dec. 31, 2024, which can be used for flights departing within a year from the date they redeemed the credit voucher. In addition, the credit voucher is not exclusive to the name on the original ticket and can be used for tickets in any name the customer prefers.

EL AL Protect is available only for reservations made online or through a travel agent. The service applies to EL AL and Sundor flights in all classes of service. It is not available for Bonus tickets or codeshare flights on partner carriers. For non-U.S. flights with fare families in Economy Class, the service applies only to “CLASSIC” tickets. The service does not apply to Economy LITE fares. For more information, travelers should visit the EL AL website.

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