December 1, 2023
December 1, 2023

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Richmond Jewish Community to Host Two Shabbaton/Job Fair Weekends

The Richmond, Virginia, Jewish community will host two free Shabbaton and job fair weekends this March.

The first, March 15-17, will feature accounting, finance, IT, marketing and law employment opportunities. The second, March 29-31, will focus on openings for healthcare and education professionals.

According to Stuart Cantor, community liaison, both will combine “a higher quality of life with a lower cost of living.”

The higher quality of life, said Cantor, results from “a vibrant Jewish community of wholesome living in a uniquely southern environment of gentility, courtesy and good middos as second nature.”

The lower cost of living is the product of both Richmond’s higher purchasing power and a state-sponsored full-tuition scholarship program for grades K-12.

Richmonders enjoy 27 percent more purchasing power than New Yorkers. Richmond’s consumer prices are 34 percent lower than New York City’s. Groceries cost 36 percent less and rents are 69 percent lower.

A family with four children with annual income up to $98,900 would be eligible for the state tuition scholarship program. State funding for eligible families covers the full tuition for the local Jewish high schools and for most families, the program covers full tuition for the elementary school as well. (Some administration fees may apply.)

With headquarters of eight Fortune 500 companies, a major research university, a top medical center, major financial institutions and a growing logistics hub in Richmond, good jobs are abundant.

For Jewish Richmonders, there are multiple choices for davening, an array of adult learning opportunities, a fully functioning Vaad HaKashrut, an eruv and a beautiful new mikvah.

“You can enjoy all this in your own home, with your own large yard, for less than you’d pay in the New York area,” Cantor noted, urging interested families to visit the community website,, and to reserve their place by emailing [email protected]. “We’d love for you to visit,” he said, “so we can extend our southern hospitality to you.”

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