Thursday, February 02, 2023

Destination Kosher

Kosher Catskill Restaurants Go Upscale

If you spend time in the Catskills during the summer and want pizzazz instead of pizza for a change, the dining choices keep getting better. Just as bungalows are giving way to houses with all the comforts of home, restaurants in the Catskills are taking on characteristics of


Halachic Adventures in Italy

If anyone was wondering why they haven’t seen me for the past year, it’s because I, along with many of my peers, have been out of the country. Wondering whether it is wise to send an 18-year-old fresh out of high school to another country for a year? I, too, pondered that question as my El Al flight touched down and I


From Israel to Prague

Going on a vacation is a rejuvenation for your soul. Whether it’s an overnight stay nearby, a few days in another state or a longer visit to another country, wherever you go you are taking a temporary respite from your everyday life and recharging yourself. It may not be the purpose of your trip or even


Europe Travel Tips for Teens

Right after seminary, my friend and I spent a week and a half touring cities in Italy and France. This article is not based on any expertise or extensive experience, as neither of us had ever planned anything like this before, but I would love to share some tricks and tips we picked up along the way. These travel tips are


Montreal: A Memorable Vacation at a Great Price

With economics on the minds of many as well as the desire to get away and have a change, Montreal is the perfect escape. One can almost close their eyes and pretend that they are walking the streets of France. Just a short six hour drive to the Canadian border, the trip is short enough to accommodate young travelers and far enough


Choose Your Kosherica Cruise

(Courtesy of Kosherica Cruises) Kosherica, the leader in Glatt Kosher vacations is geared up for a fantastic summer and winter. This sought-after luxury Kosher company is almost sold out of its Summer 2018’s much-anticipated season of kosher cruising. The reason is Kosherica’s reputation for extraordinary cuisine,


Ideal Tours USA Offers Summer Jewish Heritage Tour to the Baltic States

Looking for a summer travel experience that is both enchanting and educational? Ideal Tours is offering a 10-day Jewish Heritage Tour of the Baltic countries, including Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Discover the history of our grandparents in these former jewels of Jewish life, while taking in their current charm


Pacific Delights Debuts Tokayer Heritage Tours to the Far East

(Courtesy of Lotus Tours) In association with Rabbi Marvin Tokayer and the Foundation for Remote Jewish Communities (FRJC), Pacific Delight Tours ( www.PacificDelightTours.com) will debut its inaugural “Tokayer Heritage Tours” based upon the


Experience Rustic Elegance at Glacier National Park

(Courtesy of Rustic Elegance) Executive Chef Seth Warshaw of New Jersey’s #1 rated statewide steakhouse, ETC Steakhouse, introduces Rustic Elegance and invites you and your family to a week-long adventure and culinary experience.

Traveling to the jaw-dropping landscape and


First-Ever Jamaican Passover Program Set to Launch in Montego Bay

(Courtesy of Royal Passover) Though Jamaica boasts over 400 years of rich Jewish history and is a prime location for family-friendly vacations, there has never been an organized Passover program for Jewish tourists on the island. That will change later this month, when a new partnership with the Jamaica Tourist Board, the Chabad of


Memphis Orthodox Community  Invites ‘100 New Families’ to Relocate

‘Taste of Memphis’ shabbaton is scheduled for May 11-13.

Faced with skyrocketing costs of housing and education, an increasing number of young Orthodox families are choosing to move to the vibrant, affordable and friendly community of Memphis, Tennessee.


OHEL OXC Team Update: Garden State Warriors

This past Sunday was another great training day for the growing Garden State Warriors team as it prepares for the 4th Annual OXC-OHEL Xtreme Challenge taking place on Sunday, May 27 at Camp Kaylie in Wurtsboro, New York. As usual Carol (Chani) Teigman pushed everyone to their limit. The tough, yet rewarding, workout consisted of

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