Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Destination Kosher

Memphis Orthodox Community Invites ‘100 New Families’ to Relocate

(Courtesy of 100newfamilies)Faced with skyrocketing costs of housing and education, an increasing number of young Orthodox families are choosing to move to the vibrant, affordable and friendly community of Memphis, Tennessee. Specifically, over 20 Orthodox families have relocated to Memphis over the past two years, moving


Visiting New Hampshire for Shabbat at the Arlington Hotel

A few weeks ago, my wife and I and our youngest son were privileged to be able to drive to Bethlehem, New Hampshire, and spend a Shabbat at the deluxe Arlington Hotel. The Arlington Hotel that I fuzzily remembered from my childhood as a place where my family picked up kosher food on a summer vacation to


A Visit to Spain in 2017

I’m not sure if the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain, as the song goes from the musical “My Fair Lady.” Maybe that’s why I packed a raincoat, which I wore for about two minutes during a light rain shower in Barcelona. For the rest of the time on my recent trip to Spain, the weather ranged from hot to oven-like


Jamaica’s First-Ever Kosher Restaurant Opens in Montego Bay

For decades, Jewish travelers to Jamaica have bemoaned the fact that the island’s signature “jerk” cuisine was off limits due to a lack of kosher supervision. Thanks to the Chabad of Jamaica, who opened the doors of the first-ever kosher restaurant in Jamaica last week, the classic Caribbean culinary experience is


The Breathtaking ‘Bucket List’ City: Venice

Venice has been on our “bucket list” since even before we realized we were entitled to one. Who would believe that a city can be constructed on canals and still remain above water! Currently Venice is slightly sinking but that does not prevent the construction of ultra-modern


Montreal: A Great Place to Visit! 

Only six hours away by car, offering the delight of being in another country with a taste of a European city, is Montreal. Although all signs are in French and many people speak French as their native language in Quebec, the English-speaking tourist is more than welcome and will feel comfortable wherever they are.


Try a Tuscany Kosher Villa for Your Next Vacation

As Shavuot approaches and the school year winds down, it is time to think about a summer vacation, or begin planning for the fall. Seeking an alternative to the usual beach, mountain or theme-park-centered vacation options? How about a kosher bed and breakfast in the Tuscany


Chabad of Hawaii Welcomes Kosher-Keeping Adventurers

Oahu—When my husband told me his next conference of the ISLH, the International Society of Laboratory Hematologists, would be held in Honolulu, my ears perked up just a bit (that’s an understatement; I pretty much hopped up and down with excitement). It had been a long, cold winter in New


Orlando Is a Major Destination for Passover Vacationers in 2017

Rosen Plaza will host its second major Passover program.

Orlando…Thousands of Passover vacationers are planning to once again spend the holiday in this city of many of the nation’s leading attractions. One of the major settings will be the magnificent Rosen Plaza Hotel, with its


How the PEYD Team Traveled This Winter Vacation

Part 2: Family of Five Heads to Las Vegas

When it comes to traveling to Las Vegas, pricey hotels and costly expenses usually come to mind, but in this week’s version of “How The PEYD Team Traveled This Winter Vacation,” we will be covering how Yaakov, one of the


Create Your Perfect Vacation by Choosing the Best Jewish Tour for You

When anyone is planning a vacation, the most significant thing to remember is the weather and beauty of that place. The places with mild and fair weather are the most visited places throughout the world. Passover resorts are the most popular places of a Jewish community. Various companies are offering excellent and superb Jewish


EL AL Introduces Winter Escape Packages

EL AL Israel Airlines, Hilton Tel Aviv and the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem are offering a new winter vacation package. Included in this deluxe Israel getaway is round-trip, economy-class air on select nonstop flights plus six nights/seven days in deluxe accommodations with daily Israeli breakfast. (A minimum of two nights is required at each

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