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Destination Kosher

The Pesach Hotel Alternative

Around this time of year we are inundated with ads about all kinds of wonderful Pesach Programs. For those of us who can afford a Pesach away from home, the choices can be overwhelming. You begin to wonder about the pros and cons of different destinations, costs, menus, as well as social aspects. Thoughts about


EL AL Israel Airlines Nonstop Between Boston and Tel Aviv

New York–EL AL Israel Airlines has opened bookings for the only nonstop service between Boston’s Logan International Airport and Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport.

Launching June 28, 2015, the flight schedule will include three weekly nonstop flights (every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday


Family-Friendly Ski Resort Features Kosher Ski Program

Tired of schlepping tuna fish sandwiches on day trips? Do you love skiing or snowboarding in the fresh mountain air–or wish you could learn? Looking for healthy, outdoor winter fun close to home?

If you answered yes to any of these–then “Kosher Ski Day” at Montage Mountain Ski Resort is


Luxury Pesach Experience Three Hours from NYC in Saratoga Springs with Mendy Vim

Looking for a luxury Passover hotel experience less than three hours from NYC? Pesach event planner Mendy Vim offers a unique location for the discerning holiday traveler: the Gideon Putnam Resort in Saratoga Springs, NY. It’s not every day you can stay in a beautiful historic hotel tucked away inside a state park, surrounded by natural


So When Should You Book That Flight? The Truth About Airline Prices

How airlines price tickets is a source of many myths and urban legends. These include tips about the best day of the week to buy a ticket, last-minute discounts offered by the airlines, and the conspiracy theories suggesting that the carriers use cookies to increase prices for their passengers. None of these three statements is


More Savings on an Israel Trip

A new service has just started that can help keep your travel costs down and is also a fun way to meet new people. www.jetleap.com is based in Israel. You join with Facebook or other social media ID. On the web site, you can offer to bring a package to someone in Israel, for a fee, or respond to a request to bring an item home. Fees range


Shalom Y’all

Texas! Cowboys. Indians. Mexicans. Jews.


Somehow the more acceptable picture of Jews is walking on West 47 thStreet in New York or in a small community in Rockland County. The imagination is stretched to picture Jews on the


Unbeatable Offer by EL AL and Carlton Tel Aviv

EL AL Israel Airlines is now featuring round-trip business or economy class travel on a nonstop flight from New York (JFK/Newark) or Los Angeles plus a three-night, five-star stay at the Carlton Tel Aviv overlooking the Mediterranean. Available for departures January 8 through February 28, 2015, this special offer* allows


Kosherica Announces Luxurious Winter and Passover Vacations

Kosherica, the Glatt Kosher travel and leisure giant, is famous for its extraordinary attention to detail, exceptional fresh Glatt Kosher cuisine, and world-class entertainment. This upcoming winter and Passover, Kosherica will provide guests with the most sought-after luxury resorts and cruise lines in the world. This family-owned business


Kosherica Announces Its Most Luxurious Winter and Passover Vacations To Date

15% Off for Atlantis Yeshiva Break Bookings (expires December 5).

Hotels in Bahamas, Miami, Palm Beach, and Whistler

Cruises to the Western Caribbean for Chanukah and the Eastern Caribbean for a Jewish Music Festival at Sea


Buying Gift Cards to Gain Miles

I like Bigcrumbs.com, the shopping site, a lot. That’s where you can earn cash back.

For online shopping–and this includes travel vendors such as Expedia (to 4.7%) and Cheapoair– you get $15 off per ticket. You can also purchase American Express Gift Cards and Business Gift Cards, which are mailed


Trekking Through New Zealand

I saw and experienced some amazing things on my recent trip to New Zealand. I saw a huge, snowcapped volcano and a boiling lake and river. I walked on a trail along a beach, trapped between cliffs and the ocean, hiked up a mountain through heavy wind, sleet, and rain. Still, what stands head and shoulders above the all of the incredible

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