Sunday, October 24, 2021

Destination Kosher

The Ocean Brings More To NYC Than Just A Day At The Beach This Summer

New York—The warm weather and sunny skies have all of us enjoying the beautiful weather outside. Summer has always been my favorite time of year. As a kid, I never was affected by the humidity as I am now. This past week was especially humid and I knew that I had to compile a list of places to escape it. I found a great place to escape the heat but still enjoy the



(Jerusalem, Israel)—Jerusalem, the ancient capital of Israel, has a comfortable and familiar sensation that leaves all who are there feeling at home whether they actually live there or are just visiting. There are many sites that are essential stops on any visit to Jerusalem, such as the Western Wall, the YadVashemHolocaust Memorial, the


Central PA Kosher Mart Lancaster Co. Branch Open In August In Tanger Shopping Outlets

Lancaster, PA – Central PA’S Koshermart, which has provided kosher food in Central Pennsylvania for over 17 years, is opening another branch this August in Lancaster, PA. The kosher stand, in Tanger Shopping Outlets on Lincoln Highway in Lancaster, PA, will be under the certification of the Star-K and will be open Sunday through Thursday in the month of


Dutch Wonderland – What, No Kosher Food?

A posting on yeahthatskosher.com reported that after many years of running a kosher concession at Dutch Wonderland, PA kosher mart at Dutch Wonderland has closed. It will be a fond farewell to one of the first theme parks to offer a full menu of kosher food and save us the burden of packing a cooler of pekalach to sneak in and carry around the park. It was a


Not Your Father’s 5k Race

If you are tapped into social media, you must have seen a barrage of interesting races popping up as “suggested posts.” These races are not your typical sponsor your buddy going to Florida charity races. They are extreme and over-the-top team building life experiences. The races take place outdoors throughout the country, and contestants are subjected to


Get Your Car Ready for Summer Travel

(StatePoint) —Road tripping is a summertime rite of passage. From camping and beach trips to family reunions, most likely you’ll be adding some extra miles to your vehicle over the next few months. But before you hit the road, get your vehicle ready for travel. The last place you’ll want to be on your vacation is in the shop. By preparing, you can pave


State Fair Meadowlands

Every year as summer starts the NJ Transit buses are lined with ads for the Meadowlands State Fair. Is it just some dinky carnival like the one that takes place during chol hamoed in Mosney? In case you didn’t know, every chol hamoedseveral parking lots in Monsey become a faux mini Six Flags with some rusty old ferris wheel and a truck called


The Megile of Itzik Manger The National Yiddish Theatre’s Season Hit Runs to May 12

The Arts/Theatre Review

Photos by Crystall Arnette

The Purim story of the megillah, as we generally know it, is an amalgam of heroic, evil, cowardly and simple-minded characters in ancient Persia, whose actions represent the story of near-annihilation and ultimate salvation of the


Nearby Shavuos Getaways 2013

Pesach just ended and before you blink Shavuos is right around the corner. Most of us are counting the days until we arrive at one of most unfamous of Jewish holidays. Known in English as “The Festival of Weeks,” your coworkers will ask why you are taking off on a Wednesday and Thursday in May. You can start explaining the significance of receiving the Torah and


Spring Travel: Day Trips for Lag B’Omer

Children know when spring arrives. They start to put away their heavy down jackets and pull out their windbreakers and crocs. Baseball gloves are dusted off and bike tires are pumped up. If you and your family have been cooped up over the winter and are looking for some great outdoor fun things to do, here are some great day trip ideas, especially as Lag B’Omer is


Tel Aviv, Alive and Thriving

Despite its secular nature and in contrast to much of what Orthodox Jews define as Israel, Tel Aviv is a breath of fresh air. Its vibrancy, dynamism, and futuristic vibe always make me feel alive and optimistic about Israel's long term stability and growth. Its modern Jewish history and the growing and evolving touches of Judaism add to its flavor, making it a


Growing Number of Kosher Kitchens in Hotels Presents Challenges to Rabbis

SANTA MONICA, CA—The Loews Hotelin Santa Monica features one of an estimated 40 designated kosher kitchens in the U.S. As many as 10 hotels have responded to a program by the Rabbinical Council of California (RCC) to open designated kosher kitchens. In some cities, the designated kitchen is not an

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