Thursday, March 23, 2023

Destination Kosher

Travel to Cadbury World Is Cocotastic—and Kosher

It’s easy to imagine that if the ancient Israelites had been familiar with the cocoa bean, God might have promised them a land flowing with milk and chocolate. He didn’t, but such a land does exist. In the English city of Birmingham, a 90-minute train ride from London, Cadbury—the company that popularized modern British milk chocolate—welcomes half a million


A Flawless Event in Israel Starts with Protexsia

Englewood, NJ— The boutique winery in Israel, tucked into a protective forest, was the perfect setting for a visiting celebrity couple from Los Angeles. After viewing the exclusive production process, the couple strolled to a private outdoor table, where they dined on a gourmet three-course meal accompanied by several exquisite wines. Does that sound like


Are We There Yet?

Family vacations are a time for building memories, filling albums and creating bonding experiences for the entire family. It is meant to be a time to get away from it alland have a fun, relaxing occasion. Many families, however, find that the vacation is rarely all that they were expecting and more frequently filled with unexpected, and unwanted,


How Eddie’s Kosher Travel Became # 1

How did you get into the travel business?

It’s actually an interesting story. We never intended to get into the travel business. When we lived in Australia we had other businesses: I was in the steel security manufacturing business and Chana was in residential real estate. One year we went on vacation to the Gold Coast in Queensland,


Discovering Korea

“What’s a nice Jewish girl from New York doing in a place where she can’t find a nice Jewish boy?” What was I doing there? I asked myself this numerous times throughout my six months studying abroad, especially after I realized I could no longer just pick up a burger from the local Glatt Kosher restaurants. Now that I’ve returned and can eat all of


Pesach in Israel with Family

Simone Wruble lives in Teaneck, NJ. She has run a wedding and bar mitzvah invitation business there for 17 years. Like most people, each year she celebrates Pesach with family - either at home or at one of the myriads of Pesach hotels around the country. This past year, she spent Pesach with Eddie’s Kosher Travel in


Family Travels in Jerusalem

This summer our family was fortunate enough to take a trip to Israel and spend the majority of our time in Jerusalem. Before the trip, I consulted with friends who have traveled to Israel with kids and scoured the internet for recommendations of the best activities to do with children. Depending on what your goals are, you can craft your itinerary in any


Where is Gonen?

A reader asked: “I see on the maps that Gonen is well located, so why have I never heard of this community?” The answer is that, despite the government’s new “Israeli” name, everyone still refers to the neighborhood by its original name Katamon.

Katamon was established just before World War I. The neighborhood initially became home to Jews


The Ocean Brings More To NYC Than Just A Day At The Beach This Summer

New York—The warm weather and sunny skies have all of us enjoying the beautiful weather outside. Summer has always been my favorite time of year. As a kid, I never was affected by the humidity as I am now. This past week was especially humid and I knew that I had to compile a list of places to escape it. I found a great place to escape the heat but still enjoy the



(Jerusalem, Israel)—Jerusalem, the ancient capital of Israel, has a comfortable and familiar sensation that leaves all who are there feeling at home whether they actually live there or are just visiting. There are many sites that are essential stops on any visit to Jerusalem, such as the Western Wall, the YadVashemHolocaust Memorial, the


Central PA Kosher Mart Lancaster Co. Branch Open In August In Tanger Shopping Outlets

Lancaster, PA – Central PA’S Koshermart, which has provided kosher food in Central Pennsylvania for over 17 years, is opening another branch this August in Lancaster, PA. The kosher stand, in Tanger Shopping Outlets on Lincoln Highway in Lancaster, PA, will be under the certification of the Star-K and will be open Sunday through Thursday in the month of


Dutch Wonderland – What, No Kosher Food?

A posting on yeahthatskosher.com reported that after many years of running a kosher concession at Dutch Wonderland, PA kosher mart at Dutch Wonderland has closed. It will be a fond farewell to one of the first theme parks to offer a full menu of kosher food and save us the burden of packing a cooler of pekalach to sneak in and carry around the park. It was a

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