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Destination Kosher

Passover Programs Offer Luxury, Ease and Memorable Experiences

(Courtesy of Passover Listings) Every year in the spring, more than 100,000 members of the Jewish community descend upon Mexico, Miami, New York, New Jersey, the Bahamas, Greece and even Dubai to celebrate a luxurious Pesach holiday.

These ‘kosher travelers,’ as they are called, occupy five-star


Go on an Adventure With Adventure Israel

If you’re the type of person that loves adventure, this is a must-read! It’s not often you get to experience an authentic adventure with an experienced and knowledgeable guide, but when I first met Ariel from Adventure Israel I knew this was the best Israel experience out


No-Hassle Kosher Vacation For Outdoor Lovers

(Courtesy of KAV) Love nature and the great outdoors? Tired of planning your next vacation and schlepping kosher food? Looking for a getaway with a minyan and Shabbos accommodations? Concerned about COVID safety and prefer a small group and outdoor environment? Then look no further!

Starting Tuesday July


Travel Tips and Lessons From Jewish Bergen County Moms

Have you ever put a tablecloth on a picnic table hoping to create a “restaurant” vibe? Have you used duct tape to lock the hotel door to keep it open on Shabbos? Carried large amounts of food into an amusement park since they don’t sell kosher options?

Traveling as


Passover Listings’ Reviews Prove Invaluable for Planning Pesach Getaways

(Courtesy of Passoverlistings.com) Passover will be here in a few months, and people deciding where to go for the spring holiday are increasingly turning to PassoverListings.com, the world’s leading Passover program review site, for honest and dependable reviews of vacation options.


Visiting the Valley of the Sun: Jewish Life in the Arizona Desert

It’s late December and we all know what that means … no school, but not in the majority of local yeshivas. Yeshiva break will have to wait until January. When it comes time to look for a warmer place to go on vacation for a week or so, many from the tri-state area try to find places that have


Passover Listings Provides Reliable Reviews for Pesach Travelers

(Courtesy of Passover Listings) Passover Listings, the highest-rated Passover program review site in the world, offers reviews on the most acclaimed Passover programs in the world.

The site is amazing. It has easy-to-view reviews on Passover programs in the United States, Mexico, Israel, Europe


Kosherfest Returns to NJ

Kosherfest, a two-day networking and nibbling convention for those working all facets of the kosher food industry, returned to the Meadowlands Exposition Center in


Passover Programs Provide Buffet of Culinary Delights

(Courtesy of Passover Listings) A recent poll conducted by the popular Facebook group Passover Program Reviews revealed what may be obvious to anyone who knows anything about Jews: Participants of Pesach programs value food more than anything when booking a Passover program.

The Facebook group is


Passover Program Operators Undertake COVID-19 Safety Measures

(Courtesy of Passover Listings) Due to the intensive labor required in preparing the home for Pesach, those who travel domestically or abroad for the Passover holiday view it as an essential activity, not merely leisure.

Many of these people, meanwhile, are


2022 Pesach Programs Boast Exclusive, Creative Destinations

Those who want to avoid the task of cleaning their homes for Pesach next year are already beginning to make Passover travel plans for 2022, with program operators saying they have been inundated with bookings and inquiries from those who missed the opportunity to spend Passover away last year because of COVID-19.


EL AL Israel Airlines and Femi Conduct Trial of Pre-and In-Flight COVID Testing

Tests will eliminate the need for PCR testing upon arrival in Israel.

(Courtesy of EL AL) EL AL Israel Airlines and Femi, a healthcare and tele-health company, have launched a trial program to test EL AL passengers prior to—and during—flights to Israel. Currently,

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