Friday, February 03, 2023

Destination Kosher

Israel Is Open to US Travelers. Here’s How to Get In.

Our hearts and prayers are with our Israeli brothers and sisters as they endure the constant barrage of missiles and deal with the general unrest of the last couple of weeks. We hope and pray that things return to normal very soon and we can visit our friends and family and enjoy the beauty of the land of our heritage in peace and


Passover 2021: A Truly ‘Majestic’ Florida Experience

After a cold, snowy winter and a year of COVID-19 restrictions, many people were eager to spend Passover in a warm locale. Those who chose the Majestic Passover program at the Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort had all their expectations met and more.

From the gourmet meals


A New, Easy Way to Find Jewish-Owned Businesses

A new site uses reviews and leads, connecting business owners directly to customers.

(Courtesy of MyJewishListings.com) Being a business owner can be stressful, especially in the time of COVID-19. After friends Daniel Kramer and Doni Schwartz found success in creating a space at Passover Listings for vacationers to more


Looking Ahead to Pesach 2021

(Courtesy of Destination Kosher) Pesach will still look very different this year. While many people may consider staying home with their family, many people this year are traveling to a Pesach program after being bunkered up in their house over the last 10 months. Last year when COVID-19 hit the world, the Pesach industry was


‘Go Kosher Panama’ Can Help Plan Your Next Tropical Vacation

For those who love to travel, exciting new vacation destinations are always welcome. A getaway location that has gotten a lot of buzz in recent years is Panama, but for observant travelers, the necessities and amenities needed have made visiting the tropical paradise complicated at best.


Miriam Schreiber’s Legacy Kosher Tours Redefines Travel With Historic Trip to Dubai

With light finally starting to emerge at the end of the COVID tunnel and Dubai opening up its borders to tourists once again, an upcoming Legacy Kosher Tours trip to the City of Dreams promises to be an opportunity of a lifetime, unlike any other.

Miriam Schreiber,


Say ‘Good’ Bye to a ‘Bad’ Year

Well, the world has been waiting for an end to 2020 and it’s finally upon us. Most people are ready to say good riddance to this year which has been filled with pain, suffering, death, anarchy, confinement, lockdowns, violence, looting,and more. Enough is enough, folks. We never want to hear the “C word” again. Can we just agree that 2020 was a bad


Nachum Segal Offers ‘Eye-Opening’ Broadcasts From a Safe and Welcoming Dubai

Nachum Segal has broadcast his program of Jewish news, sports, commentary and music all over the United States and Israel in his 35 years on the air. But never did he imagine he would be broadcasting his popular JM in the AM program from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Yet, December 8-10 his


Lessons From a Great Radio Journey

We just completed an exhilarating three days broadcasting from Dubai, UAE. While JM in the AM and NSN have been on the road before, every trip is unique. This journey had its own moments and lessons that we were able to transmit to our global audience.

When the Abraham Accords were announced and


Tour the UAE on Chanukah With Kosher Travelers

Kosher Travelers, the world’s premier kosher travel company, has created a fascinating travel experience to the UAE. Launching Chanukah week, December 14-21, Kosher Travelers has planned a trip to remember for couples and families to the newest venue available to the kosher traveler. The historic Abraham Accords, newly


Believe It or Not, Now Is the Time To Start Planning for Travel

Sounds crazy, right? With travel restricted between states, let alone internationally, you would think planning for a trip right now would be the last thing you should be doing. After all, we are living during times where you can barely plan for the next day, let alone for months ahead. However, if travel opens up in 2021, and we


West Hartford Is the Place to Be

A few months ago, in the thick of the pandemic, West Hartford’s housing market really started heating up, as city dwellers in the Northeast began searching for suburban alternatives to living in apartments with no backyards, amid densely populated environments.

Due in large part to the efforts

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