Monday, June 05, 2023

Destination Kosher

Lessons From a Great Radio Journey

We just completed an exhilarating three days broadcasting from Dubai, UAE. While JM in the AM and NSN have been on the road before, every trip is unique. This journey had its own moments and lessons that we were able to transmit to our global audience.

When the Abraham Accords were announced and


Tour the UAE on Chanukah With Kosher Travelers

Kosher Travelers, the world’s premier kosher travel company, has created a fascinating travel experience to the UAE. Launching Chanukah week, December 14-21, Kosher Travelers has planned a trip to remember for couples and families to the newest venue available to the kosher traveler. The historic Abraham Accords, newly


Believe It or Not, Now Is the Time To Start Planning for Travel

Sounds crazy, right? With travel restricted between states, let alone internationally, you would think planning for a trip right now would be the last thing you should be doing. After all, we are living during times where you can barely plan for the next day, let alone for months ahead. However, if travel opens up in 2021, and we


West Hartford Is the Place to Be

A few months ago, in the thick of the pandemic, West Hartford’s housing market really started heating up, as city dwellers in the Northeast began searching for suburban alternatives to living in apartments with no backyards, amid densely populated environments.

Due in large part to the efforts


Kosher Tourism in the UAE?

This unbelievable kosher vacation destination is finally possible.

(Courtesy of Kosher Travelers)

Hot News!

Kosher Travelers has formed a partnership with Elli’s Kosher Kitchen of Dubai to


Visiting Rochester, NY

Just about everyone has had to change their summer plans, and many are searching for alternatives that are family friendly and not that difficult to get to. My suggestion would be to consider Rochester, New York. Many of you may not be aware that Rochester is the third largest city in New York State. It is an easy drive of


Beach Bound? Enjoy LBK Grill at the Wave Resort

On a brilliant June day under a bright blue sky, LBK Grill, short for “Long Branch Kosher,” opened a fast-casual restaurant concept on the boardwalk at the Wave Resort, near Pier Village in Long Branch. The busy location, just one hour from Teaneck, gives kosher travelers the chance to refresh, rehydrate and


Savannah’s Congregation Mickve Israel: One of the Earliest Jewish Communities in the US

The 41 Jews aboard the “William and Sarah,” many of whom were of Portugese descent, departed from Great Britain and docked on the shores of Savannah, Georgia, in July of 1733 with the hopes of having successfully escaped the Spanish Inquisition and of being more warmly accepted in the New


Passover Vacationers and Passover Resort Owners Rave About PassoverListings.com

This time of year, many kosher vacationers are trying to get a jump on their Pesach plans. But if you’re planning on going to a Passover resort, how do you know which one to choose? Passover Listings, the only Jewish travel site with user reviews, might just be the best choice. But don’t take our word for it. Check out what Passover


The Joys of Passover…at the Right Pesach Resort

Ah, the joys of Pesach! The Seder plate. The choroset. Gotta love a good choroset. So many great recipes. Then, there’s the star of the show: the telling of the story of the Exodus. The 10 plagues. The splitting of the Red Sea. Rabbi Akiva telling the story all night long in Bnei Brak. It’s so awesome!


Seeking Warmth in the Cold: Tzama Nafshi’s Annual Journey in the Footsteps of the Tzadikim

As what seems to amount to a tradition in the Orthodox community, many people choose to spend their winter break in the warm weather of Florida or the Caribbean. But unconventionally, one group of bnei aliyah traveled to find a different type of warmth.

Led on a trip organized


Visiting 48 States Without Missing a Minyan

Seeing the wider world has always been important for my wife Debra, and after we got married, I immediately saw why she wanted to see the vast heritage of the world and learn how others live. Debra’s motto, one she has repeated constantly throughout our travels, is from a pasuk of Tehillim (104:24): «How great are Your

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