Saturday, June 03, 2023

It was a day that would go down in history. The Jewish people were all gathered at Mt. Sinai. Millions of people—men, women and children—all stood together at the foot of the mountain. Huge claps of thunder and bolts of lightning made the very earth shake. The mountain seemed like it was on fire. The people were scared but happy. It was the day they had been waiting for. That day God was going to give them the Torah!

Suddenly the world went silent; not even a bird made a peep. Then, a voice was heard more powerful than anybody had ever heard before. God started to speak. God told Moses and the Jewish people the special laws of the Torah. These included the Ten Commandments, and have been a guide to us ever since.

One of the Ten Commandments is to honor one’s parents. In our story a girl is put to the test.

Mom’s the Word

Cindy had a problem.

First came a great surprise—three of her best friends came by with tickets to the new ice show in town, and one of the tickets was for her.

“C’mon Cindy,” said Shira. “Let’s catch the bus; the show’s starting in 20 minutes.”

But then came the dilemma.

“Sounds great, guys... but…” Cindy hesitated with a nervous smile.

“But what?” asked her friend.

“But my Mom’s not home, and she doesn’t like me to go out without telling her first,” answered Cindy.

Her friends tried to convince Cindy to come anyway. “Oh, Cindy,” groaned Rachel. “Your Mom won’t mind. You’re a big girl. Just leave her a note and let’s go!”

Cindy thought about it. “I know my Mom would understand, but still she really doesn’t let me go out without telling her where I’m going first.”

Cindy looked up at her friends who were sitting impatiently and said, “Well guys, I’m afraid you’ll have to go without me. I’d love to see the ice show, but my Mom’s feelings come first. I need to listen to my mother.”

Nesanel Yoel Safran is a writer, chef, and a teacher/student of Jewish spirituality. He blends these assorted vocations on his blog, “Soul Foodie,” where you can join him on mystical cooking adventures and glean practical wisdom for the kitchen—and for living. https://soulfoodiecom.wordpress.com/

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