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Shabbat in Shul or in the ‘Fields’?

Things were dire. A death sentence was handed down to an entire population. For the next thirty-eight years, they would aimlessly wander through hot desert sands without hope and without future. An unimaginable horror of inescapable death, life slowly ticking away amidst endless dunes. All horizons of hope and of opportunity were


The Spies and How to Act

Parshat Shelach Lecha is one of the most fascinating parashot. Moshe sends 12 spies to scout the Land of Israel before the Jewish people enter it, a representative from each tribe, the elite leaders of the entire nation. Unfortunately, upon their return there was tremendous disappointment. Two spies were for entering the land and 10


Fulfilling Hashem’s Mission

Last year, I received an invitation to the wedding of Shmaryahu Shulman to Mika BenArbon. Shmaryahu had learned in my shiur two years before, for a few weeks during the summer. After that, he learned full-time in other yeshivos, and occasionally we’d bump into each other. I wanted to go to his wedding, but the Lakewood venue meant a long


Daf Yomi Inspires Solution Inflation

No claim is being made or intended herein that the Daf Yomi is directly even addressing the issue of inflation that is clearly the top concern of most Americans. Certainly no claim is being made or intended here that the Daf Yomi of a few days ago, or of any day, proposes a direct solution to the problem.


Does a Ukrainian Ba’al Teshuva Getting A Bris Milah Recite Birkat HaGomel?

On February 24 of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. Over one third of the population of the Ukraine have been displaced, causing the greatest refugee crisis in Europe since the second world war. Many Jews have been displaced in the war as well.

A number of Jewish organizations


Next Level Mussar

The very end of last week’s parsha records the incident of Miriam speaking lashon hara about Moshe, and the very beginning of this week’s parsha records the incident of the meraglim, who spoke lashon hara about Eretz Yisrael. Rashi explains that the juxtaposition of these two episodes is to teach us that although Miriam was punished for


Tradition or Torpor? Rabbi Abraham Twerski, z”l, on T’cheilet

Rabbi Twerski once recalled how in his childhood, there were some in his community who wore the t’cheilet threads produced according to the great Chasidic Rebbe, Gershon Henokh Leiner (1839-1890), the scion of the Ishbitz-Radzyn dynasty. In a bold attempt to restore the neglected biblical commandment recited daily in the Shema,


Davening at Rav Soloveitchik’s Kever

The Children of Israel are about to enter the Promised Land and Moshe sends 12 spies on a reconnaissance mission. Tragically, the story ends with the terrible report of the 10 spies, culminating in the death of an entire generation in the wilderness. Only Calev and Yehoshua return with a positive account of the country.


The Slippery Slope of Despair

At this time of the year, as my children complete yet another year of school, I gasp and have to acknowledge that time flies! I also tend to become reflective and think about what I have achieved during this past year and what I haven’t. No one is perfect and I am no exception, so I must acknowledge that I have my share of mistakes and


Are We Becoming Too Un-Idea-Ed?

Moshe’s authority had become unsteady and was teetering on the edge. Having faced a barrage of complaints and grievances, he was forced to delegate some of his authority to a newly-formed Sanhedrin. Excluded from this project, two renegade prophets further subverted Moshe’s authority by prophesying in an unlicensed manner.


The Benefits of Serving Klal Yisrael

I recently attended a wedding in which the chosson had just finished serving five years in the Marine Corps. There were multiple young men dressed in full Marine uniform, not a sight that one sees at most weddings. I was curious to know what type of salary a marine receives. Surprisingly, I discovered it’s very modest, except for


Who Runs the World?

In Poland, we heard an incredible story of the Mozhitzer Rebbe’s student, R’ Azriel David Fastag, the composer of many magnificent famous melodies of the Mozhitzer Chassidim.

In a cattle car on his way to Treblinka, the clickety-clack of the wheels inspired his last composition, the haunting melody

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