Friday, August 06, 2021

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Cincinnati Kollel to Offer Mishna Yomi Shiur on WhatsApp

(Courtesy of Cincinnati Kollel) The Cincinnati Community Kollel is excited to announce a new Mishna Yomi Shiur via WhatsApp starting the day after Shavuos. Take your Shavuos inspiration and put it into practice! Make the resolution to learn Shas Mishnayos.

Mishna Yomi, an approach to study all six


All Rise!

All rise!

What passes for popular understanding of synagogue rituals is often at variance with its true and halachic significance. A case in point is the lifting and dressing of the Torah known as hagbah and gelilah. Historically, the lifting and rolling of the Torah was done by one person. Recently,


This House Is Protected by Mezuzah Security Systems

Yoma 11a

You have found the house of your choice for the month of August. You were involved in a skiing accident and you are laid up in a private hospital room for months. You built a sukkah. You own a garage. Do you need a mezuzah for any of these?

“Write them on


Torah Time: Parshat Behar

It was sports day at school and Rivka won a lot of games and got a lot of pom poms. She walked over to Lisa and saw that she didn’t have any pom poms. “Where are all your pom poms?” Rivka asked. “ I didn’t win any,” she said quietly. “Poor girl,” thought Rivka. She felt so sad for her. That’s when she stood up, walked into


Corona Diary #29: Lessons From Lag B’Omer Legends

The festival of Lag B’Omer revolves around two celebrated personalities: Rabbi Akiva and his talmid, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. These two legends lived through the dark period of Roman conquest and oppression. Living through this crucial seam of Jewish history, they each steadied Judaism for the long, 2,000-year journey through the


Lag B’Omer: Lessons From the Cave

Three years ago, I went to Eretz Yisrael in the summer along with my son. On our itinerary were visits to Meron and Tzfat so we could daven at the kivrei tzadikim. I was warned that Waze can direct you through Arab territories unless you adjust the settings to avoid those areas. I even asked someone to review the route Waze gave me to


Striving for Perfection

Throughout the Torah we find completion and wholeness taking precedence over quantity. Thus a whole roll takes precedence over a much larger portion of a loaf of bread in the recitation of Hamotzi.

From this we learn that our avodah is measured not by quantity, but by how close it comes to perfection.


Who’s Your Daddy?

Have you ever met people and become curious who their parents are? Like, I wonder who their father and/or mother is!? I can imagine that amongst teachers, after being in the vicinity of their students for some time they are somewhat eager to see who the parents of these children are! It’s interesting that we may be curious so, because


Unprecedented Numbers of Aspiring Shas Yidden Take Dirshu Kinyan Shas Test on 450 Blatt

“When I started, I had no idea if I would succeed. It is not as if this was the first learning program that I had begun in my life. I had embarked on several others but did not succeed. What made Dirshu’s Kinyan Shas program unique was its clear, step-by-step plan. It begins with regular monthly tests, then continues


Parshat Emor

Moshe and his friends went to the zoo. When they got there they went straight to the elephants, their favorite animal. While they were walking they got into a big fight about which way to go. Some kids were walking past and stared at them, and Moshe got really embarrassed.

After their fight they got


The Decline of Loyalty

It is literally impossible to reduce Judaism to one saying or one quick maxim. The study of God’s will is too intricate, while mitzvot are too sweeping to be condensed into one proverb. Yet, Hillel the scholar found a way to summarize all religion within one succinct statement. He was visited by a Gentile who desired an


The Secret to Living Forever

I was speaking recently with Rabbi Shalom Garfinkel, from Project 613 of Chicago, for advice about our building campaign for Yeshiva Ner Boruch—PTI. He shared an insight he heard from Rabbi Ephraim Wachsman when they last met. He asked Rabbi Wachsman, “What drives sports players and sports fans? What’s the big deal if they win or

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