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Building a Guard Rail

It says in Devarim 22:8: “When you build a new house, you shall make a guard rail for your roof, so that you shall not cause blood (to be spilled) in your house, that the one who falls should fall from it (the roof).”

Rashi says that “guard rail” means a fence surrounding the roof.


Elul: An Overview

Since many yeshivos, seminaries and schools are now beginning, it’s time to start contemplating what Elul is all about.


Second Chances

Rosh Chodesh Elul has special significance in regard


Take Two: The Haftarot Of Ki Teitzei

Do not think that your gabbai has lost his mind when after reading Parshat Ki Teitzei, he instructs that the haftarah to be read is that of Parshat Noach. In many shuls, when Rosh Chodesh Elul coincides with Parshat Re’eh, the haftarah for that day replaces the haftarah normally associated with Re’eh. The haftarah assigned to Parshat Re’eh is Yeshayahu


Could Acher Return?

I. Acher’s Sins

Repentance, teshuvah, is an ability to repair the past and create a better future. Everyone sins. Teshuvah allows you to get past that, to learn from your mistakes and improve yourself. Those who are mostly religious and those who are mostly non-religious need teshuvah


The Res‘Torah’-ing Power of Torah

Although on the surface it may seem like the “ben sorer umoreh” didn’t do much, nevertheless, the habits and lifestyle of this boy dictate that eventually he will degenerate into a terrible person. Therefore, the Torah imposes the death penalty upon him now while he is “innocent,” so that he won’t be executed later on in life


No Thanks to You: A Thought On Parshas Ki Seitzei

In Parshas Ki Seitzei, Deuteronomy chapter 24, we find that the nations of Amon and Moab are not permitted to become geirim (converts to Judaism) and verse 24:5 states “because of the fact that they did not greet you with bread and water on the road when you were leaving Eygpt, and because he hired against you Balaam the son of Beor…to


Lamdeinu’s High Holidays Semester Begins September 8

Join Lamdeinu throughout the Yamim Noraim season to add vibrancy and meaning to your High Holidays!

(Courtesy of Lamdeinu) Lamdeinu’s High Holiday learning launches Thursday, September 8. On Thursday mornings September 8, 15, 22 and 29 at 11a.m., Rabbi


Disappearing Role Models

Man was created free, but freedom can be brutally stifled or violently taken from him. Without stable government, society quickly disintegrates into chaos and anarchy. To prevent a collapse into lawlessness and mayhem, Hashem vested human beings with an innate “political instinct,” and empowered them to construct governments


Appreciating the Value of Fruit Trees

Last year, a large branch broke off from a tree in our backyard. I called Robert, my trusty tree removal guy that I’ve used many times. I always enjoy talking with Robert, as his knowledge of trees is phenomenal.

Robert surveyed my property. “That’s a mulberry tree,” he said. “It has berries


Are You Really Impartial?

Can a person ever truly be impartial? Is it even possible to come to decisions without ulterior motives in life?

The opening verse of Shoftim (Devarim 16:18) tells us:

“You shall appoint judges and guards in all your gates that Hashem gives you… who must judge


The Giving Tree: Man Is a Tree of the Field

In Parshat Shoftim, it says that man cannot cut down a fruit tree because man is a tree of the field. Jews have strong roots like trees. Over time, the roots get stronger in the ground, making a home for themselves. The Jews have that home — which is called Israel — and slowly but surely, the roots that our forefathers placed there are


Avodah Zara in Modern Times

I often recall the anecdote about the time I was teaching my Shabbos Gemara shiur, focusing on the tractate of avodah zara. I went to Tuvia’s seforim store in Monsey looking for an Artscroll copy of this volume. Yet, no matter how hard I looked I could not seem to find the volume I was looking for on the shelves. Finally, being

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