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Considering the Consequences of Our Actions

All of us cringe at some of the unwise things we’ve done. I remember spending a week’s vacation with friends in Tzefas. One night, as we sat together eating dinner at a café, I spotted someone walking by dressed in unusual attire. I thought it would be fun to engage him in conversation, so I called out to him from a distance … twice!


All Together Now

Ya’akov is anxious. Frightened. Scared. He is about to leave Israel, the land he knows is his one true home, and depart for the depraved environment of Egypt. Ya’akov has been in this position before, when he departed Beersheva for Charan. Then, the angels appeared to him, descending on the ladder, reassuring him that he would be


The Root to Change

Upon revealing his identity to his brothers, Yosef tells them “don’t be sad.”

This remark implies that the brothers were sad and distressed. But they were finally reunited with their long lost brother after so many years! The brothers were in desperate search for Yosef—they split up and searched


Fifteen Things to Know About an Aufruf


1. Aufruf is a Yiddish term which means calling up. It refers to the calling up of the groom to the Torah prior to his wedding.

Chosson Needs Shmirah

2. A chosson should not walk alone and


Yeshivas Torah Halacha Helps Young Men Combine Learning and Earning

(Courtesy of YTH) Many young men return from Eretz Yisroel having grown leaps and bounds and are now looking to keep the momentum going. The big question they ask themselves is whether they should focus on continued growth in Torah learning or follow the pursuit of earning. At our yeshiva we ask the question: Why


Who Is Like You, Hashem

 Chanukah is more than fried foods and presents. Chanukah is about the miracles that God did for us. The miracle is that those who ended up fighting for Hashem won, even though they were weak and fewer in battle. Not only did they win the battle, but the war. Antiochus tried bringing them closer to his gods, but he


The Root of Positivity

An environment in which people speak negatively of one another becomes rife with tension, distrust and toxicity. Indeed, the original exile of the Jewish people came about due to the tension between Yosef and his brothers and Yosef’s badmouthing them to their father. Moshe would later attribute the Jewish people’s bondage to their


Something Good in the Making

Until Yosef was taken from him, we don’t find Yaakov thinking negatively of any of the challenges he had endured thus far — and he went through quite a number of exceptionally difficult ones. But when Yosef was taken from him, and when he thought he was no longer alive, Yaakov couldn’t seem to fully come to terms with it, and he —


Orthodox Union Torah Initiative Hosts Mishnah Yomi Siyum

(Courtesy of OU) The Orthodox Union’s (OU) Torah Initiative hosted a siyum, an event commemorating the completion of a unit of Torah, at its headquarters in downtown Manhattan. The siyum marked the ending of the study of a unit of Seder Zeraim.

The siyum, which took place in


Is Hashem Using Scientists as His Agents to Fulfill Torah Prophecies?

A journey through time as viewed through a single Torah-science lens


From biblical times till the Middle Ages, science, like most other human pursuits, was intertwined with theology as normal human activities. In more modern


Going Down to Rise Up

 In Parshat Vayeshev we learn about the importance of yerida, going down. While that may seem strange because we say to make aliya, go up, to Israel or that people try to strive higher, there is a big value in yerida. In Torah reading this week, Yehuda goes down in status and to a place away from his siblings. We also


Moral Strength

Our environment poses a constant challenge to our morality, specifically with regard to the core Jewish values of modesty and sanctity in the intimate realm. We are surrounded by what appears to be an ever-intensifying emphasis on the seductive and a continuous erosion of boundaries. This is not new for the Jewish people and was in fact a

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