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The Spiritual and Practical Meaning Of the Haggadah’s Four Children

As the Jewish people are about to exit Egypt, Moshe calls the people together to address them. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, zt”l, explained that instead of focusing on freedom, the Land of Israel, or the dangers they would face along their journey, Moshe emphasizes “children and the distant future and the duty to pass on memory to generations


Historic Turnout as Estimated 50,000 Bnei Torah Take Dirshu Bechinas at Testing Locations Worldwide


That was the enthusiastic way HaGaon HaRav Yisrael Neuman, shlita, rosh yeshiva, Beth Medrash Govoha of Lakewood, began his brief address to a massive crowd of some one thousand talmidei chachamim at Dirshu’s testing site in Lakewood last week.


Thoughts About Da’as Torah

Part II

Humans are fashioned in the image of God, and we are the only creatures who possess intelligent speech. Through regulating our language and controlling our tongues we become more Godlike. By contrast, vulgar and unrefined language taints our divine capacity. Discretion is important in


Our Birth Stories

This year, as a Jewish “leap year,” Parshat HaChodesh, the special maftir portion we read on the Shabbat before (or on) Rosh Chodesh Nisan, coincides with Parshat Tazria. At first glance, these two parshiyot seem to have little in common; Parshat Tazria deals with laws of tumah caused by childbirth and tzara’at. Parshat HaChodesh


Allowing Ourselves to Experience a Connection to Hashem

My children love the indoor activity centers for Chol Hamoed trips. However, my wife and I always walk out with a headache! Two people can attend the same event and experience it entirely differently. One can’t get enough and the other can’t wait to leave. This extends to spiritual activities also. Some people can’t wait until Shabbos


Time Is What You Make of It

This Shabbat is a special Shabbat called Shabbat Hachodesh. In the maftir of Torah reading, Hashem says to Moshe and Aaron, ״החדש הזה לכם ראש חדשים״ (this month will be for you the first of all the months). Seforno (an Italian commentary) teaches that לכם, for you, is teaching us that the first time that the Jews


It’s Our Time

I saw a story where a student of the Vilna Gaon once came to ask him what he considers to be the “best mussar sefer” to learn. The Vilna Gaon responded by naming a few, but the student pressed on: “But which is the best?” The Vilna Gaon said, “I don’t wish to pick favorites,” and pointing to the clock that rested upon the wall


Where Are You Supposed to Be?

I once heard a rav say that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. Another time he discussed the notion of the difference between those who have a “piece” of Olam Haba versus those who are a ben Olam Haba. One who has a piece of Olam Haba can lose it, but a ben Olam Haba is one who is rooted in the next world as if it’s a


It’s All About Time

No one ever has enough time. Time flies. Time’s a wasting. Time is an illusion. Time is precious. Time heals all wounds. We chase time but we never catch it. Time waits for no man. Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. These are just some of the quotations we associate with time.


A Taxing Situation and a Spiritual Return

Spring has sprung, which means not only is Pesach on the way, but, alas, the dreaded “t” word: yes, taxes. Groan ….

Shortly after we had sent the sundry paperwork to our accountant and thought that it was a done deal, we were informed we also needed to send the letter 6419 from the IRS, which


SWC ‘Courage to Remember’ Holocaust Exhibit Opens in Albany

(Courtesy of SWC) Against the backdrop of the horrific invasion of Ukraine and continuing antisemitic attacks across the U.S., New York State Senator Anna Kaplan (D-North Hills), a leading advocate for increased Holocaust education in New York State’s schools, brought the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s


Heichal HaTorah’s Night Seder Attracts Hundreds to Chavrusas and Shiurim

The Heichal HaTorah Night Seder Program officially launched on February 7, about two months ago. Rabbi Yitzchak Genack reported that a number of components have converged to make the initial offerings very successful.

“The first component directly fostered

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