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Saddle Up!

The legendary rosh yeshiva and author, Rav Shimshon Pincus, zt”l, was a talmid chacham, ba’al avodah and tzaddik, who served as Chief Rabbi in the Negev city of Ofakim with self-sacrifice and love.

A talmid of Rav Pincus suffered from an acute dental condition. Numerous infections had caused him to


It’s Geshmak to Be a Yid

Bilam said, “May my soul die the death of the upright (‘yesharim’)” (23:10), to which Ramban explains that Bilaam was referring to Bnei Yisrael who are called “yeshurun,” and he meant that he wished his end would be like the Bnei Yisrael, who in the next world will spend their days in Eternal good. We, perhaps, see from here


Peace Settings

A few summers ago I was invited to co-star in a video entitled “The Do and Don’ts of Shana Rishona (first year of marriage).” While the video hasn’t yet won an Oscar (or even a Big Bird), it has entertained many a crowd at sheva brachot. There was a series of scenes that first depicted the wrong way for hapless newlyweds to react in


Don’t Just Hear, Listen

In Parshat Balak, the king of Moav, Balak, called upon Bilam to curse the Jews. The first time that Balak sent messengers to Bilam to ask him to curse the Jews, Bilam spoke to Hashem who said that he can’t go with the Moabites because the Jews are blessed people. Despite that, Balak still sent other messengers. Bilam spoke to Hashem and


How Much of a Tzedaka Preference to Relatives?

Question: I learned that one should prioritize giving tzedaka to relatives over others. I give a nice amount of tzedaka, almost exclusively out of the family (which also has a few poor people), which I feel is more altruistic. Can you explain this halacha and give some halachic guidelines?

Answer: The


Kollel ‘Hisorerus HaLev’ Adds Weekly Torah Newsletter to Sunrise Learning

Born and bred in the Country Club area of Teaneck, and a product of local schools, Ari Solomon knows of what he speaks when he assesses the contribution an early morning kollel provides to the Teaneck community. As he explained, “The ‘Hisorerus HaLev’ Teaneck Morning Kollel for Working Men was created to fill a void that has


New Community Summer Morning Kollel In Long Beach: Project of Young Israel, Temple Zion

(Courtesy of YILB) On the morning of July 4th, the Young Israel of Long Beach (YILB), in conjunction with Temple Zion Atlantic and Long Beach Jewish Center, hosted the kickoff event for the new community summer morning kollel after the 8:30 a.m. minyan at the Young Israel.


R’ Eli Stefansky Hosts Mega Mercaz Daf Yomi Siyum

The oft-repeated and underlying theme at the Thursday, July 7 Mega Siyum on Masechet Yevamot was, “It’s not the Daf, but the Yomi.” Charismatic, internationally acclaimed Maggid Daf Yomi, R’ Eli Stefansky, hosted the siyum through his popular Mercaz Daf Yomi (MDY) to an audience of over 1600. The lavish


1,600 Avreichim Complete Dirshu Keren Sheviis Program

Siyum in home of Rav Chaim Kanievsky, who guided the program.

“It was a bittersweet feeling. We were back in Rav Chaim’s house… to celebrate a siyum on a program that we had begun in his home, in his presence, less than a year earlier. On the one hand the gaping


Following the Leader

What makes somebody a leader? Is it just the person with the biggest muscles or the loudest voice? Do we even need leaders at all?

The Torah gives us a fascinating insight into what we should expect from our leaders and what they should expect from us. Moses was the great leader of the Jewish people, who


Roe v. Wade and Jewish Values

The Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade is a seismic shift in the landscape of American politics and culture. It has elicited a firestorm of debate and protest, further splitting an already divided house.

Of course, our attitudes and behavior are governed by Halacha. The very broad


Showing Gratitude for the Water

In the Torah, we read about miracles connected to water five times. We will summarize each episode here in chronological order:

1. “They came to Marah, but they could not drink the water of Marah because it was bitter; that is why it was named ‘Marah.’ And the people grumbled against Moses, saying,

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