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The Law of God and the Heart of Man

Everything was at stake. From Avraham’s love for his son to his reputation as a man of God — it was all on the line. At the tail end of his career, the first person to discover Hashem was summoned to the ultimate religious trial. Would this courageous pioneer forfeit everything he had accomplished — both personally and


Celiac Disease: A Torah Perspective

A new study published by researchers at the very prestigious Walter Reed Hospital in the October issue of “Pediatrics” investigated possible causes and risk factors for celiac disease and the childhood risk factors. More information about this can be found at the end of this article, but it may be a good idea to check with expert


Giving and Receiving Through Hachnasas Orchim

During the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s, thousands of Jews visiting the Kotel got the famous tap on the shoulder. A tall man with a warm smile would greet them, saying, “Hi, my name is Meir Schuster. Would you like to experience a genuine Shabbos meal?” Many took him up on his offer, and this began their connection to Shabbos and


Fortune or Misfortune?

Our forefather Avraham was not only a person of tremendous belief and a person of exceptional action, but also someone who amassed immense wealth. Considering the fact that Avraham was the recipient of Hashem’s blessings for success and the beneficiary of His guidance and protection, this should come as no surprise to us. However, when


This Is Only a Test

Pirkei Avos tells us (5:3) that Avraham was challenged and tested 10 times. Rashi and the Rambam differ on what exactly these 10 tests were. What they both agree on, though, was that being asked to sacrifice Yitzhak was the toughest test of all. The underlying question that needs to be asked is why did Avraham have to be tested at


That Kind of Kind

Avraham was the epitome of a giver who truly personified the midah of chesed. What’s the essence of the midah of chesed, and what does it mean to be a real ba’al chesed?

Let’s picture a person who goes about his daily affairs, and is constantly met by people who have various requests and needs.


A Heritage of Hope

 Anxiety is in the air. Everywhere we turn, concerns are expressed about rising antisemitism, and the future of our divided country.

In this context it is worth noting a remarkable commentary of Ramban. At the outset of our parsha, Avraham and Sarah welcome three guests into their


Why Are We Here?

Is One Required To Live In Israel, Part III

Unlike the Yishuv school of thought described in the previous article, the Kibbutz Galuyot school of thought requires all Jews to return to Israel under a Jewish sovereign state. What follows are some of their arguments.

The beginning of the Messianic era is


Can You Be Good Without God?

After Yom Kippur, a young man approached me to thank me for what he said was truly “an inspirational service.” “Rabbi,” he said, “this was my best High Holiday ever—you can count on me being here next year again.” “Next year?” I asked, “what about next week on Shabbat? If the service was so good, why do I have to wait a


The Binding of Isaac

“Take your son, your only son, the one you love—Isaac—and go to the land of Moriah. Offer him there as a burnt offering on a mountain I will show you.”—Gen. 22:2

Thus begins one of the most famous episodes in the Torah, but also one of the most morally problematic. The conventional


You Can Choose Good

Parshat Vayera teaches us that we can always choose to be good. Lot did not seem to be going in the path of his father figure Avraham; He was surrounded by an immoral society that he partook in. He changed from the respectful person he was shown to be to conforming with his surroundings. In last week’s parsha he was captured, yet once he


Living Our Emunah

Rabbi Dovid Ashear tells an inspiring story: A newly married couple was blessed with a healthy baby boy. Yet, three or four years passed and the wife was not getting pregnant again. Her doctor was puzzled and ran some tests. The couple went to Eretz Yisrael to daven and get blessings from gedolim. One particular rebbe told her, “Your

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