Tuesday, July 14, 2020

With BDS seemingly getting more than its share of news, be it nearby, nationally or across Europe, we were really glad to see an effort to raise awareness start in Teaneck.

Instead of BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions), how about we pay attention this time of year to BIS (Buy Israeli Stuff)? Let’s turn the boycott into a buycott.

We congratulate the Young Israel of Teaneck’s sisterhood for leading area shuls in using Israeli products as part of this year’s mishloach manot (see page 45). In conjunction with the Irving Place Minyan of Long Island, this year’s packages will come sealed with a BIS logo.

Six other local synagogues, including Ohr HaTorah, Beth Shalom, Arzei Darom, Bnai Yeshurun, Beth Abraham and several others have agreed to include Israeli products in their Purim packages.

“Our community feels a deep love for Israel and a growing frustration over the recent barrage of attention the BDS movement has received and the impact of its message on the Israeli economy,” said Allison Mell, sisterhood president of the Young Israel of Teaneck.

Some of the products will come from Israeli companies such as Elite chocolates, Ceremonie teas, Kibbutz Ein Harod honey, Barkan winery, Tan’Ta Candy and Man wafers.

This is a perfect way, we believe, for our community to put its money where its concern is.

Thank you to the Young Israel of Teaneck for coming up with the idea. Now we want to suggest that when Purim is over, we don’t stop purchasing as many Israeli-made products for everyday, non-holiday use. There is no better solution to the BDS than BIS! Let’s let Israeli food manufacturers see our appreciation from our pocketbooks.

And let’s keep it going throughout the year.