Monday, August 03, 2020

When we write our next editorial, for the November 10 Jewish Link, there will likely be a brand-new president-elect of the United States of America.

We know there is always the chance that the election could be disputed, but it is our hope that no matter who wins, the other candidate gets on the phone, calls and concedes. Our republic is legendary for its nonviolent transfers of power. We don’t see any change to that tradition this year.

Still, we want to talk about November and beyond. Ever since Donald Trump was debating a stage full of competitors including our very own Governor Chris Christie, and Hillary Clinton was dueling with Bernie Sanders, the angst of an 18-month saga worthy of any reality program has taken over the nation’s attention.

What came through clearly was that this nation is divided by many opposing viewpoints. No matter who is elected president, it could very well be that the biggest challenge to this nation won’t be Russian aggression, immigration, ISIS, the economy or any of the very issues the two candidates are debating.

Instead, our new president-elect will have the overwhelming duty of bringing this nation back together even before he or she puts a hand on the Bible on inauguration day.

We know this has been as difficult and divisive an election season as any American can remember. But we urge with all of our heart and soul that the new administration validate the concerns of all voters, those who showed support with a vote, and those who chose the other candidate. There is too much at stake not to. The new administration needs to erase the malaise-filled attitude that the Obama administration continues to show toward Israel, inarguably its best friend in the Middle East if not the world. A new administration needs to quickly re-evaluate and halt the flawed Iran nuke deal, which has given untold millions of dollars to a power that is becoming more of an existential threat to Israel. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that the new administration needs to throw its support publicly and unequivocally against any jurisdiction within the U.S. in support of the so-called BDS movement.

On a bevy of issues ranging from Syria, migrants to health insurance to education, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue must emerge from its “I want to be liked by everybody” posture and be a leader of the world once again.

But first, we need to be one nation again. And no, we aren’t wearing post-electoral rose-colored glasses. This is going to take time. But we urge all of you to back our leader, whether you voted for that person or not. The time has come for our new leader to receive the backing of the nation. It’s important both domestically and internationally.

On November 8, the country will reach the apex of its political debate. On November 9, it will be time to move forward as Americans looking ahead together.

We can’t wait for that to happen.