Thursday, March 30, 2023

The four candidates we are endorsing, between them have well more than 60 years as volunteer public servants in Teaneck. (Yes, there is a small stipend, but that barely covers their time and expenses). All of them have proven records of service above and beyond the call of duty. All four, in various capacities, have heard virtually every complaint that could possibly be generated by 39,000 residents and business people in town, and have worked hard to maintain our quality of life with dignity, honor and respect, even when the going got tough. So don’t pay attention to lawsuits that target them. We believe those are just political campaign tactics, designed to smear people with innuendo and to cloud public perception —because that is how the modern political campaign is conducted today. But Gussen, Brauer, Katz and Stern aren’t politicians. They are family men in Teaneck who care about meeting the needs of their neighbors. So please, cast your votes for them.


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