Friday, June 02, 2023

The jarring news this week came from the closing of the Early Childhood Center at Temple Emeth, on Windsor Road in Teaneck. The venerable program was established 20+ years ago, and grew into a vibrant pre-school center that infused toddlers from all walks of Jewish life with an enthusiasm for Judaism and built bridges of understanding between very different families. It also was a money maker for the Temple. After their own registration and most other pre-K registrations in the county were closed, the Board of Directors abruptly announced a shut down that put educators and staffers out of work, and left 80 kids in limbo. While we understand that the leadership of Temple Emeth must have agonized over this decision, it would have made much more sense to let people know in advance, so they could make plans. Thank God some of the local schools have opened their doors. As for the parents and staffers who are definitely going to suffer the consequences of the board’s actions, we would suggest that if it is at all possible, they pull themselves together, get creative and start their own ECC, without Temple Emeth, and with the support of the community. The staff has the experience, the knowledge, the caring and the wherewithal. We encourage them to find the will to make it happen.


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