Friday, December 09, 2022

Thank you and thank you again to the many who have emailed, called and messaged our publishers, our editors, our writers and our staff over the past few weeks to thank us for continuing to publish weekly in spite of the sweeping and drastic impact that the COVID-19/coronavirus has had upon nearly every aspect of our lives. While we always like hearing from our readers and fans near and far who tell us that The Jewish Link is their main Shabbat and weekend reading material, those messages of support and warmth were felt and appreciated perhaps more deeply these past few weeks. A special and heartfelt thanks as well to our loyal core of advertisers and business partners who have stayed with us the past few editions, although literally everyone’s business has been affected quite mightily.

All of these messages of support and partnership have given us tremendous extra energy and motivation to publish the Pesach edition you are reading now, which, despite the coronavirus, even includes a new, first-ever Link Living Magazine section, which we were able to pull off despite tremendous pressure. We just couldn’t deny how hard our staff worked on this. Even though much of the material is, we hope, relevant to a post COVID-19 world, we hope you will appreciate our efforts and enjoy Link Living within our
120-page Pesach edition.

Although the coronavirus has taken over many aspects of our lives, we made a conscious decision to make sure that our Pesach edition—which is designed to hopefully last you and your families all of Yom Tov—has articles, features and content that are positive and not all virus-related. We as a paper and staff felt it was critically important that not every news item, feature, dvar Torah or column be focused on COVID-19, especially with the chag of Pesach upon us. We hope you agree and that we succeeded in this task.

Chag kasher v’sameach and stay safe and healthy in these very challenging days!

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