Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Some leaders are born, not elected.

Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin has served on Teaneck’s town council for 12 years, and is finishing his eighth year as Teaneck’s mayor.

For our friend Mohammed, what began as community service turned into a display of grace-under-pressure leadership that is rare and special. Our mayor has brought together a cohesive team of leaders of many colors, nationalities and religions, to peacefully and calmly run our town, creating a tableau of all that is great about America.

We thank Mayor Hameduddin for his tireless work on behalf of Teaneck, making tough calls and difficult, sometimes life-saving, decisions at all hours of the day and night. While his successors are worthy, we know even they will agree that his departure leaves a void that no one will fill.

We wish him only good luck as he steps down from the dais on July 1.

By The Editors and Publishers


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