Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Expanding distribution and editorial coverage to Manhattan.

As we welcome a new year, we also welcome another moment of growth and expansion for The Jewish Link. For some time now, we have covered occasional stories originating in Manhattan. There is an incredible amount of carryover and back-and-forth between our reader residents, students and business owners in the city. Many of us on staff at The Jewish Link also spend or have spent considerable time in midtown, the Upper West Side, and Washington Heights. Cognizant of the many changes that have come about in the Jewish community and publishing world as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the time is now to take a big “Shana Tova” bite out of the Big Apple. We are happy to announce that starting with this week’s edition, we will now be distributing to and covering the Manhattan Jewish community. (See ad below for a list of dropoff locations).

As always, we remind our readers that our mission is to be more than a weekly newspaper. We are unapologetically pro-Israel and pro-Jewish, and we welcome all readers to enjoy our coverage of these topics. We care and place emphasis on Torah and mitzvot, and that’s why we are, B”H, a favored Shabbos paper for the 25 hours we all enjoy spending—sans screens—each week.

Since our founding in 2013, our paper has grown steadily, changing our name not once but three times. We started out as The Jewish Link of Bergen County, extended as The Jewish Link of New Jersey, and have now settled, simply, on The Jewish Link. We are proud that we have become a must-read mainstay for shomer Shabbat families, young professionals and retirees all over New Jersey, as well as Bronx, Westchester and southern Connecticut. We look forward to meeting and interacting with more Manhattan readers.

We are also proud that The Jewish Link regularly publishes analysis and op-eds from JNS’s Jonathan Tobin and Caroline Glick, weekly columns and divrei Torah from Rabbi Haim Jachter, Rabbi Moshe Taragin and many more, as well as original features by Rabbi Gil Student of Torahmusings. Just last week we launched our reboot of Jordan B. Gorfinkel’s comic strip, featured for the past 25 years in The Jewish Week. We also publish original breaking news and features by our staff of more than 20 contributing writers from all over the tri-state area. We are also renowned for our extensive schools and sports sections and a truly "tastemaker" food and wine section.

As The Jewish Link team figuratively crosses the GWB to Manhattan, we feel this is an easy transition. “I’ve gotten many requests to expand into Manhattan over the years from local leaders and rabbis. Many of our staff and readers have lived or worked in Manhattan, so it’s a natural expansion. We’ve reported on many stories originating in Washington Heights, Yeshiva University, Upper Manhattan, and even the Lower East Side quite often in our paper, so this fall we have begun formalizing our dedication to these communities by delivering to shuls and stores on the Upper West Side, Upper East Side and Lower East Side,” said Moshe Kinderlehrer, The Jewish Link’s co-founder and co-publisher.

“There are so many things that happen ‘only in New York.’ As a former resident of the Upper West Side, I am excited to help direct reporting on the vibrant Torah communities, leaders and enclaves that exist in Manhattan that haven’t had much news coverage in recent years,” said Elizabeth Kratz, The Jewish Link’s associate publisher and editor.

“As I have been commuting from Teaneck to NYC for the past 20 years, this move is long overdue,” said Mark “Mendy” Schwartz, The Jewish Link’s co-publisher. “The Link is essential Shabbos reading for all of us here in New Jersey, and as our communities continue to grow, as our schools continue to draw students from one area to the other and become more interconnected, it makes a lot of sense to have one paper where we can all share news and information.”

Our independent, privately held newspaper is the flagship product of the Jewish Link Media Group and is affiliated with The Queens Jewish Link, The Philly Jewish Link, The Bukharian Jewish Link and the Monsey Mevaser. Fondly known as “the Link,” the paper delivers a unique blend of pro-Israel and pro-Jewish breaking community news and features. We invite our print readers to discover and enjoy our active social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. All newspaper content, including our archives, are available at jewishlink.news.

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