Friday, June 02, 2023

The events of the last three weeks drove home for the Jewish people – once again, unfortunately - the challenges and difficul­ties we face. The three weeks began with the end of mourning period for three innocent boys on their way home from school and later changed to rage and self-reflection when three young Jewish lunatics inciner­ated alive an innocent Arab teen. Appropri­ate thoughts during the three weeks—dur­ing which rockets rained upon the people throughout the land, and the people of Is­rael just kept on going, mourning, and go­ing—until the day the terrorists crawled out of a tunnel. Now the fear our ancestors felt will always be with us…especially since we understand, better than most, when mobs in the streets of major cities across the globe shout “Death to the Jews.”

The quiet of a cease fire is a blessing, but by the time JLBC hits your doorstep, Ha­mas promises to start rocket raining all over again, because they want to wear everyone down. So remember this: We are survivors, and we are blessed with a miracle called the Kippot Barzel…Iron Yarmulkes…and that should give us some hope. So enjoy the next few weeks if you can, because Elul will be here before you know it, and then you will really have to do a cheshbon hanefesh.

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