Thursday, March 30, 2023

Wednesday was a strange day, but the murmurings had begun early last week, af­ter ISIL (the name changes almost weekly, and we need to find a permanent acronym for these insane religious extremists) trapped thousands of Yazidis on a mountain in Iraq, murdered thousands of Christians and took over a major dam, cities all over Iraq and even towns on the Syria and Turkish border. They threaten the entire region and parts of Eu­rope. They run wild like the gang in A Clock­work Orange, killing and slaughtering, rap­ing and pillaging wherever they go. There are cells everywhere, but nowhere more so than on Israel’s doorstep. Even Hamas cannot con­trol them, and Al Qaeda rejected them as cra­zies. America is a nice ally, but a naïve one, and thank you for the Iron Domes.

But in the end Israel is probably going to have to make some very hard choices, work­ing with Abbas at the PA, who should be cred­ited for tamping down what could have been a huge disaster on the West Bank in the last month. They will have to deal with Saudi Ara­bia, Egypt, and Jordan as middlemen when they go up against Qatar, Turkey, Iran and only God knows who else.

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