Friday, October 07, 2022

Every year when school starts, parents are upset when they find out where their children have to wait for the school bus, if they have a school bus, and how long the bus ride will take. Recently, the Teaneck Board of Education invited the public to a meeting about school buses for students who attend private/day schools/yeshivot in the neighborhood. Pleas went out for attendance on Teaneck Shuls, since many voices affect change and everyone wants to avoid a confrontation with the school district after the fact. But reports say that practically no one appeared to tell the members of the board about their children’s needs. In September, as the buses start to roll, there might again be a hue and cry from  parents who woke up after the fact,  and will then accuse the school district of ignoring their needs.

Whether it is about bussing or other issues that you are concerned about, stay informed and go to public meetings to give voice to your concerns. Complaints and confrontations that result from a lack of public participation can be avoided if you show up and say what you have to say. So please show up and speak out.


We were nearly bowled over by all of the positive feedback and responses our paper’s first issue generated and are excited to share with you our second edition.  Thank you Bergen County for the warm welcome we’ve gotten and thank you to all our founding advertisers and contributors. We hope to continue to earn your trust and respect as we grow. We look forward to you keeping us on our toes and vow to do our best going forward.

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