Sunday, March 26, 2023

Our community is home to some of the best and brightest Jewish organizations in the country, and we at the Jewish Link are proud that one of our most enduring stars is Sinai Schools, which tailor-builds yeshiva day school educations for our children with special needs.

Members of our community who support Sinai at its annual dinner are most often not Sinai parents themselves, but those who witness the immense benefit of the schools’ work, both for their own families and for themselves. Sinai is supported so generously because the community knows special needs can arise in any family at any time, and we know Sinai must exist and prosper for all of our community’s children to be served.

The astronomical financial burden on Sinai Schools’ parents, starting at $68,500 for in-state yearly tuition, means that very few Sinai families can afford full tuition. Many receive some form of tuition help, and that’s where the annual dinner comes in.

This year’s dinner theme is hope, and the transformation that comes from hope. The Jewish Link shares the hopes of Sinai’s 130 current families that their children will continue to learn and thrive in an environment where their unique gifts are valued and celebrated.

Please sign up to attend, and if you can’t attend, give generously to this vital community organization. The Jewish Link joins Sinai Schools in asking each member of our community to continue inspiring hope in one another, to make it possible for all Jewish children to receive a day school education. With your help, our community grows stronger. Visit http://www.sinaischools.org/dinner.

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