Friday, March 31, 2023

Next Wednesday some 1,475 delegates from this region will be going by bus, car, van and train as part of the 2015 NORPAC Mission to Washington, D.C.

This annual event is where “tachlis” is spoken between citizen activists and members of both houses of Congress. The Washington Convention Center will host a morning plenary session with presentations from Congressional leadership. After the plenary, participants go in groups of typically four to six to meet with Members of Congress. This is the front line of advocacy for Israel and discussions of keeping the relations between the United States and Israel forever growing and moving forward.

In past years, the issues at hand have included the efforts by Iran to develop military grade nuclear power and the use of that power as a threat to Israel. We don’t think this issue will be anything but elevated in the meetings between NORPAC delegates and the elected officials they will meet.

It seems that recently we’re hearing more candidates announce their intention to run for President. The messages exchanged at NORPAC this year are ones that will be heard by those very candidates.

NORPAC, as it has been for many years, is sold out. We look forward to hearing from the delegates when they return from their quick-turnaround trip. And we are confident that their hard work will help our elected officials understand better the critical importance of a safe and secure future for America’s closest ally.

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