Saturday, June 03, 2023


Introducing a Season of SINAI Stories

During my time at The Jewish Link, I’ve been blessed to meet many people and get to know the work of many outstanding nonprofit organizations. As a Bergen County resident, however, there were a few I knew about and supported even before my involvement with our paper. One such organization is SINAI Schools, which started 40 years ago as an


Gratitude, Again (Still)

As we enjoy our Thanksgiving turkeys and trimmings in our still-small, ever watchful groups, we look hopefully toward a spring and summer that will almost certainly welcome our friends and families back closer to us. That is a thought to hold on to, for which we can be grateful.

It may be months yet, but


Update on a Cold But Busy Week

This past Monday found me driving down to Lakewood to the JBiz Expo hosted by the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce (OJC) and held outdoors at FirstEnergy Park on the open-air concourse behind the stadium seats. It was quite a cold day for all of us standing by our exhibit tables but I tried to keep moving as best as I could and


The Year for Books

I didn’t get to visit my mom at the beach this year, but I did get a fantastic view from the cliffs in Cornwall, just as I practically felt sand in my shoes as I walked the shores of the lowlands in South Carolina. We couldn’t make our trip to see my mother-in-law in Vienna, but I channeled a magnificent performance of Vivaldi. Sadly, I


Facing the Loss of Torah Giants and Leaders

With so very much happening in the world: elections, pandemics, vaccines, to name just a few; it was with dizzying shock that many in our community simply stopped in their tracks upon hearing of the passing of our rebbeim, our teachers: Rabbi Dovid Feinstein, zt’’l and Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, zt’’l. Some of us have yet to wrap


The Winner Is…America!

We at The Jewish Link have tried to be as even-handed as possible throughout this very long and stressful pandemic-era election. Temperatures have run high, and we don’t just refer to COVID-19. When we printed cover analyses of Israel-based olah Caroline Glick the week before last—because our bipartisan editorial team agreed


‘When You Vote, Legislators Take Note!’

Presidential election years are always fraught with back-and-forth emotions, drama and passionate debates. 2020 is, quite frankly, no different.

However, let's set aside the ideas that New Jersey is not a presidential battleground state, or that you don’t like either candidate, or that you are “too


A Shabbat Shuva Inspiration: The Literal Walking Miracle of Micah Kaufman

This past Shabbat Shuva I was davening Musaf outdoors with my shul’s youth minyan when I got a tap on my shoulder from a walking miracle. I know that doesn’t happen to most people every day or ever, and certainly not on any average weekend in Teaneck. The walking miracle was my friend Micah Kaufman.


Asking Hashem for Rachmanut (Mercy)

As we gather to in shul to do teshuva on Yom Kippur, how can we ask Hashem to have mercy, rachmanut, on us?

A beautiful example came from a video circulated this week (  https://tinyurl.com/yyzuzagb)about the miraculous refuah of


The Jewish Link Says Shana Tova to NYC!

Expanding distribution and editorial coverage to Manhattan.

As we welcome a new year, we also welcome another moment of growth and expansion for The Jewish Link. For some time now, we have covered occasional stories originating in Manhattan. There is an incredible amount of carryover


It Should Be a Good Year...and a Sweet Year, Too

There is a short dvar Torah that is a favorite of mine that I like to share when given the chance during the weeks leading up to Rosh Hashanah, the time when we begin and end many of our discussions, calls, emails and even texts with references to the upcoming Yamim Noraim and we wish our friends, family and business associates a Shana Tova


‘Draw’ Up a Chair: Introducing a New Jewish Link Feature

Not many outside of my close family know this fact, but I am a longtime fan, to this day, of cartoons and comics. Time permitting, I still enjoy quickly perusing the strips in the local paper that arrives daily to our home and I still find things to smile at, and occasionally, even to laugh aloud to strips ranging from the classic Peanuts

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