Wednesday, June 03, 2020


Rosh Hashanah Reading

We have just finished a fairly wet and rainy Rosh Hashanah—in truth, I can’t even remember a Rosh Hashanah during the past 10-20 years when it rained like this and Tashlich was rained out. With it raining on both days of Yom Tov, I had time to read perhaps even a bit more than I normally would over a regular Yom Tov. My family


Let’s Keep Telling the Story in 5779

In his book “Ceremony & Celebration: Introduction to the Holidays,” Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks writes that “those who fully enter the spirit of Rosh Hashanah emerge into the new year charged, energized, focused, renewed, knowing that to be a Jew is to live life in the presence of God, to sanctify life for the sake of God, and to


We Must Insist on Equitable State Security Funding for Schools

At an unfortunate time in our nation’s history, when school shootings have become an all-too-regular occurrence, it seems our state legislature is more concerned with the security needs of public school students than the children who attend private schools.

And by and large, that means our


Prayers for a Great Year for Our Children

That was quick.

Seems like we were just writing about high school graduations, camp packing details, family vacations, water safety and even sunscreen.

All of a sudden, uniform lists, backpacks, new technology, carpool arrangements, learning in Israel and everything


What a Bar Mitzvah!

I started writing this column on Sunday while on a high on my way back from a very special 55-hour weekend spent in Israel. I was there to attend the bar mitzvah of the only son of one of my oldest and closest friends from my high school days. I also had the added bonus of spending a Shabbat with my eldest daughter just as she was


Remembering the Night McCain Honored Lieberman

Sometimes in newspapering, a reporter will be at the right place at the right time without any real planning.

That happened to me in the winter of 2012 when I was invited to then-Israel Ambassador Michael Oren’s residence in Washington, D.C., to cover a farewell dinner honoring retiring


No, Mr. President, the Only ‘Turn’ the Palestinians Seek Is the Right of ‘Re-Turn’

No, President Trump, the security and future of the State of Israel cannot fit as an addendum to any “art of the deal.”

As encouraged as we were by the president’s campaign promise fulfillment to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, we were concerned when the president said


Hearing Returns to My Ears, and It’s a Good Thing

So I passed the sign in Costco listing the price of their hearing aids like a hundred times.

Hearing aids.

These very words trigger an old guy in a creaky wheelchair holding up an old-fashioned horn to his ear asking, “Eh?”


When It Comes to Israel, Sometimes the ‘Good Guys’ Aren’t So Great

We’re certainly grateful there was no violence at last weekend’s so-called Unite the Right rally in Washington, D.C.’s landmark Lafayette Square. Indeed, according to media reports there were maybe two dozen supporters of the cause aligning itself with white nationalist extremist groups.

And in


This is our friend?

Talk to Us, Senator Booker. Talk to Us Now!

Senator Cory Booker needs to find a podium with a microphone hardwired to the Jewish community. And we recommend that he does this in a hurry.

Because if he does not, he’ll likely be seen as an elected official who played


The Highlight of My Amazing Summer: Kosherica’s Cruise to Bermuda

This summer has been a very special one for my wife, Dena, and me as it has been the first summer ever in which all of our kids were away for a full month. This phenomenon had never happened to us before, and Dena and I committed to each other to spend more time together and take advantage of the


Europe’s Anti-Semitism Illustrates Why We Need a Nation State

Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

French for liberty, equality and fraternity, these three words are the national motto of France.

Unless, it seems, you are a Jewish French citizen.

But it’s not just France. We would be kidding