Friday, December 09, 2022


Teaneck Voters: Vote For Schwartz, Orgen, Pagan (Lines 4,5,6)

(Note: It’s election time in Teaneck, where just under half of The Jewish Link readership lives and where we currently deliver our newspaper via free home delivery, to nearly 4,000 households.)

By the time you read this, all Teaneck homes and voters should have received by mail—I hope—the ballots for the upcoming town council election.


Broadening and Expanding Our Community Newspaper In a Unique Time

The coronavirus pandemic has enabled us to see certain things more clearly. We see who and what are truly essential to us, and what we can do without. We certainly miss being together with those we love, we miss going to shul and davening b’tzibur, and our kids miss all their activities, even—and slightly ironically—going to school.


Gratitude and Simcha During a Pandemic?

There is no doubt that we are in the fight of our lives. If the virus hasn’t gotten us directly, it has taken or affected someone we know. Sleeplessness, worry, terror and grief are our daily companions. As many among us, many close friends, prepare to get up from shiva alone to begin Pesach in unimaginable circumstances, others


Pesach Under the Specter of COVID-19

Thank you and thank you again to the many who have emailed, called and messaged our publishers, our editors, our writers and our staff over the past few weeks to thank us for continuing to publish weekly in spite of the sweeping and drastic impact that the COVID-19/coronavirus has had upon nearly every aspect of our lives. While we always


The Most Inspiring Thing I Read This Week: Etan Mirwis’ First-Ever Facebook Post

(Introductory Note: Like many these days during these strange and unsettling days, I have spent perhaps a bit more time than usual in front of my computer and on my phone reading, watching and participating in online events, ranging from virtual minyanim to shiurim by rabbis from near and far, watching my children’s


Living a Plague

In just over a week we will seclude ourselves during the Yom Tov of Pesach. We are already preparing your Jewish Link Pesach edition and hope it will be of some comfort during the long afternoons in isolation.

The fortunate ones among us will share the Seder table with close family members; those who


Developing a New Strength for Each Other, Strength for Our Children

Over the past few weeks, multiple comparisons have been made about what our current predicament is like for our children. Some have said it’s like our children’s 9/11, meaning it’s the first time they’ve ever been faced with a real question about their personal collective safety and the first time that the pain of significant loss


Staying Strong Through the Storm

It has been a truly exhausting week for all of us. It is perhaps not a physically tired feeling, but a mental exhaustion driven by the lack of control over our own world. It may seem as if coronavirus now controls our lives, but we must remember that it is, and has always been, Hashem Who is in control. As Rabbi Aron Moss, of


Balancing Bitachon With Common Sense

Bitachon means trust in Hashem. As we have all read our emails and media headlines with increasing anxiety this week, we have had a variety of reactions. From the panic-stricken to the complacent, it appears there are about as many views about Covid-19 as there are people in this world. Many bar and bat mitzvah celebrations, not to mention


Thoughts on a Special Shul and Community—The Celebrate Beth Aaron Weekend

(Note: I originally planned to publish this in last week’s edition but held off in part due to our paper’s seventh anniversary edition and in part because of the constant and late breaking news about the spread of the coronavirus and its growing impact on our community.)

What a weekend! This


Thoughts on Our Seventh Anniversary

Although I know the coronavirus has everyone on edge in our community and beyond, I cannot let the occasion of The Jewish Link’s seventh anniversary pass by completely unmentioned and unnoticed.

Moments such as these are a wonderful chance to look back and reflect a bit and, most importantly, say thank


Seeking Refuah During a Whirlwind News Cycle

As members of the Jewish community, our staff is intimately aware of the onslaught of emails, concerns, repercussions and quarantines associated with coronavirus having been diagnosed in our community. Primary among our thoughts is to daven, wholeheartedly, for the refuah sheleima of Eliezer Yitzchak ben Shifra, his entire family and

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