Sunday, May 28, 2023


Israel: ‘Hamas, Don’t Mess With the Holocaust’

At press time, as 50 world leaders continued to arrive in Israel for the fifth annual World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem, Israel has sent Hamas a warning that it will respond immediately and with force if the terrorist organization attempts to undermine the forum.

The op-ed in an Arab newspaper was


This Yeshiva Week, Let’s Make a Kiddush Hashem

Many of us are heading into a week-long break from school and work to spend time with our families and friends. Some of us will head to sunny destinations, while others will “staycation” here and enjoy the vast array of fun activities our region offers. (See our staycation feature on pages 84 and 86). However, wherever we go this week,


Yesh Tikvah: There Is Hope in Bergenfield

As I made my way to synagogue this past Shabbat morning, knowing that my 9-year-old twin daughters had already been brought there by my husband, it wasn’t a rote act and it didn’t feel like just another Shabbat. Even with the incredible security team we have benefited from for years, my walk alone to


Kristallnacht Is Not Returning, and Here’s Why

As we recoiled in horror upon hearing of yet another attack on American Jews in a Monsey shul this past motzei Shabbat Chanukah, with a machete this time no less, we were possibly even more shocked to see signs of dawning comprehension in the secular media.

This year, The Jewish Link and every other


Light in the Darkness

As Teaneck continues to reel from the tragic accident that took place outside our largest synagogue, it would likely be impossible to find someone local who isn’t connected to one or both of the victims in some way. Shelly Mermelstein, a”h, was a true baal chesed who was part of our community’s fabric on many levels. So, too, we are


Our Family’s Yachad Journey

Join us next motzei Shabbat at the Yachad Gala!

Every weeknight, we leave the door open for our son, Zev, to come home from Yachad’s Mendel Balk Center…and by 7 p.m., he runs through the door with a smile and his first question to us is: “Yachad tomorrow?” That’s his first thought


Taking the Chanukah Challenge

There’s a lot happening in our world. Every piece of news, each email, each buzz, ring and notification on our phones is more thought-provoking than the next. It’s enough to make our heads spin.

But we also know that decompressing with our families is the balm we need to soothe our souls, to get


Mourning With Jersey City

It is with deep sadness that we go to press on Wednesday evening, after a terrible two days for the New Jersey Jewish community. The nightmare in Jersey City has affected us all. But there is one spot of bright light: We acknowledge the heroic, impossible work of our law enforcement. As Jersey City’s small but growing Jewish enclave was


Tipping Our Berets to France’s National Assembly

We have had to hide our Francophile natures the past few decades – our love of classic French cooking terms (caramel, sauté, crème brûlée, etc., etc.), the wonderful kosher runs of classic French wines, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Gruyère, that beloved kosher falafel stand in Le Marais, the language and style of France itself (that


Mandelbit Says Netanyahu Can Remain Interim Premier While Under Indictment

(JNS) Israel’s Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit says that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not need to resign or take a leave of absence as interim prime minister due to the indictments against him.

“There is no


Mazal Tov to OHEL on Its 50th Annual Gala

Some of our readers and most of my friends and family know that before I launched The Jewish Link, I worked in the fundraising and nonprofit world for almost 18 years. In that time, I worked for a number of special institutions and among the most special and closest to my heart was OHEL, probably the largest Orthodox-run social


Enjoy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving.

It’s not, strictly speaking, a “Jewish” holiday, but there’s plenty about this last Thursday in November that feels familiar. For many families, it’s definitely still a yom tov.

For those who celebrate, it can mean a day of cooking

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