Saturday, January 28, 2023


A Jewish Link Hiking and Marriage Story

Although I said I wouldn’t be writing much until after our family’s wedding, I realized again late on deadline day that I have been carrying around a special story to share with our readers that I believe you will enjoy.

I am often approached at events, in shul or on the street by our readers who


A Win for Anti-BDS Advocates: Morningstar Admits Downgrading Israel in Ratings Tool

In a time in which there has been a dizzying array of setbacks when it comes to fighting those who pursue hatred of Jews and Israel, it is good to see a well-fought victory. Morningstar, a Chicago-based multibillion-dollar investment research firm that recommends companies based on a wide variety of indexing tools, told investors it dropped


A Whirlwind Few Weeks Leading Up to Shavuot

I meant to write last week but unfortunately fell far behind and found myself late on last deadline day with no column, again. I told my editors that I would definitely write for the big, mega-Shavuot edition. With multitudinous and seemingly never-ending preparations coming up in advance of our daughter’s wedding in a few


Sorry to See Rep. Pascrell Join ‘Delegitimization of Israel’ Movement

The (edited) text of an email The Jewish Link received this week:

“Jews are murdered savagely with axes by Palestinians in a central town of El-Ad in Israel, and there is no investigation by the world’s media, by Congress, by the UN, or by the International Criminal Court.


Fighting Jew-Hatred as Winners, Not Victims

Is it possible that our fight against antisemitism has become so loud and alarmist that it could backfire and become counterproductive?

We rarely ask this question, perhaps because the imperative of fighting Jew-hatred seems so obvious. Why would anyone question it?


Speaking With Fellow Parents About The Bayit Association

This past Monday night, I listened in and watched over Zoom as the Bayit Association held its first-ever info session entitled “A Roadmap to Housing for Disabled Adults: What Every Parent Needs to Know.” The session was co-led by Adam Chill and Bassie Taubes, board members and founders of the Bayit Association, and was attended


Making the Omer Count!

Hopefully many of us are still counting the Omer each evening, as we have since the second night of Pesach. For me this year my count is saved every night thanks to “Omer Counter 2.0.8” from Chabad.org’s mobile apps division. As we count down (or up) the 49 days toward the giving of the Torah, as represented by Shavuot, I always think


What Is Your College Student Doing This Summer?

The Jewish Link is seeking college students interested in reporting, writing and photography to join us for this year’s summer internship program, based in Teaneck. We are looking for motivated, flexible and creative self-starters who are able to meet tight deadlines and cover last-minute events. Responsibilities will include attending,


A Pesach Bracha for Our Readers: Mazel, Chesed and Torah

We sent this issue of The Jewish Link to press with more than a modicum of happiness and relief, noting that at 236 pages, with a new, first-time-ever pullout Chol Hamoed Activity Guide, this is the largest issue of our newspaper in our history. We thank our valued advertisers and contributors for their continued support and constant


A Hearty Chag Kasher V’Sameach!

I write this piece late on our Pesach edition deadline day. For me, writing has never been easy and I always seem to have a myriad conflicting and sometimes confusing thoughts flying through my head when sitting down to write. Although not a perfect parallel, I often like to compare the process of writing to the act of davening Shemoneh


As Purim Approaches, Let’s Band Together to Help Ukrainian Refugees

As we prepare to celebrate Purim next week, with the only masks required finally being those of the dress-up variety, we are all trying to embrace the hope that this represents for the end of the pandemic. Unfortunately, marring the simcha of Adar is the crisis that is continuing to unfold in Ukraine, which worsens every time we look at the


Oy Vey! Jon Kranz Gets the Last Laugh

In addition to many other happenings in our world this week, we would like to pause, call attention and give our deepest thanks to Englewood’s own Jonathan Kranz, who filed his final “Oy Vey!” column with us this week. Please enjoy his unexpectedly academic treatise on Talmudic sources as they pertain to the topic of humor,

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