Saturday, January 28, 2023


A Community That Votes Together…Becomes Influencers

Pardon the millennial-speak of “influencers,” but we mean it not in a digital way, but in an IRL (in real life) way. It’s not that the Jewish community voted together as a block for a slate of candidates; it’s that we voted.

At press time, the outcomes of many races had yet to even be called. But


Post-Shiva Thoughts About My Father-in-Law, Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Glick, z”l

I write this on Tuesday with my wife having just gotten up from sitting shiva for my father-in-law Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Glick. It has been a challenging week on many levels and a completely exhausting and draining one for my wife, her siblings and, most of all, my mother-in-law. Although I wasn’t there for all hours of the shiva, as I did


Grieving, Mourning and Comforting, For Ourselves and for Others

I read recently that rabbis, in particular, are dealing this fall with unprecedented mental health crises in their communities, as many of their congregants deal with myriad family losses. These are attributed, both directly or indirectly, to the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, no one is surprised by this, as none of us have been spared from


Yehi Zichro Baruch Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Glick, z”l

The Jewish Link mourns the passing of Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Glick of Bergenfield. An early supporter and incisive writer for The Jewish Link, Rabbi Glick was one of our own, though firstly he was the husband of our own beloved contributing editor Nina Glick. A musmach of the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological


A Packed Post-Chagim Sunday!

I write this piece pretty late on our deadline day—as is my custom lately—but I felt I had to share a bit about the past few days and the first non-Yom Tov-filled week since late August.

Please don’t misunderstand me—the yom tovim were all very special and beautiful, but as I and our staff know,


Looking Back on 400 Issues, and Looking Forward

It seems fitting that we are publishing our 400th issue on Parshat Bereshit, because it feels that just as we achieve one milestone—that of reaching the heights of the Yomim Noraim with Simchat Torah—that it is time to begin again. On to the next 400 issues, as our colleague Jill Kirsch writes on page 15.


Four Hundred Editions of The Jewish Link!?

It’s hard to believe that after starting just a few short years ago back in 2013 (no, The Jewish Link has certainly not been around for generations, we promise), we have reached the milestone of our 400th edition. Of the two of us, it was Mendy, a natural numbers and finance guy among other things, who first realized back in the early


A Temporary Structure, With Memories to Last a Lifetime

After a year much more isolated, thank God, we’re back to and prepping our beautiful sukkot, readying ourselves to enjoy sukkah hopping, ushpizin, posters of the Kotel and putting up our own personal art galleries made by generations of children. We’re ready to hear our childrens’ and grandchildrens’ gasps at the strings of lights


Finishing This Week’s Edition On Erev Rosh Hashanah

I am writing this late on Sunday night and thinking about Rosh Hashanah starting tomorrow night and debating how early I should get up for the longer Erev Rosh Hashanah Selichot tomorrow. This decision is complicated by the fact that our editorial and production team and I are all working hard until late tonight to make sure that the


Rosh Hashanah Thoughts and Prayers

The year 5781 has been a truly unprecedented year for all of us. We have rolled with many punches, endured shocking and immense losses, and yet learned new ways to celebrate smachot and found joy in the smallest of things. We have been awed by the endurance and positivity of our children, who have, unfortunately, witnessed so much sadness and pain.

Many of us


A Quick Pre-Rosh Hashanah Note

I write this short missive quite epically late on our Wednesday deadline day of our biggest Rosh Hashanah edition (and biggest edition ever!) at over 200 pages. I am mostly at a loss for words. It’s partly exhaustion from the last few days of intense work and activity on behalf of our paper (this week’s edition is always one of our


Teaneck’s Yehudah Perlowitz Completes 51st Half Marathon in 30 States

First off, a big and heartfelt mazal tov to my friend and running partner for the past two to three years, Yehudah Perlowitz of Teaneck, upon reaching a real milestone in his running career. This past Sunday, in Anchorage, Alaska, Yehudah, with his wife, Rivky, and his parents, Sherry and Bernie Perlowitz (also

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