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Rochie Shoretz’s Work Will Continue

Sometimes champions die so young that it is difficult for the rest of us to get our arms around their passing. Such is the case for Rochie Shoretz, z”l, the Teaneck resident and founder of Sharsheret, who passed away last week at age 42. Shoretz created Sharsheret, the national cancer organization, when she learned of her own


Can We Change City Hall?

Generally one-third to one-half of people who are eligible to vote, actually do. What happened to everyone else? Do people not care about who governs, or more importantly, how? Well, the truth is, if you have any doubts, your one vote doesn’t matter. Have you ever heard of an election decided by one vote? So why bother? More importantly,


Launching a Grassroots Movement for Our Children

Should all children have the same state benefits, whether they attend public or private school? In the areas of nursing care, textbooks, technology and security, could New Jersey be doing more to help our students?

“The issue we’re all rallied around is education affordability and portability,”


Amnesty International’s Charges ‘Spine-Chilling Actions’ Against Hamas

Finally, some truth.

Amnesty International, which always seems to have Israel in its crosshairs, charged Hamas of carrying out “extrajudicial killings” of at least 23 Palestinians who were accused of collaborating with Israel during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge. The report also charges


Synagogue in Houston Devastated by Flooding

Rabbi Steven Weil shared this picture on Twitter of the devastation by flood of United Orthodox Synagogue of Houston. You may help the community there by donating at http://www.uosh.org/.


Don Greenberg’s Hall of Fame Moment

Sandy Koufax’s ERA: 2.76, a Major League MVP pitcher for the Dodgers. Don Greenberg’s GPA: 3.93, a triple major valedictorian for Binghamton University (See story on page 31).

Many of us draw Jewish pride from the legendary story of how Koufax refused to pitch the opening game of the 1965 World


The Transformative Power of Shavuot

Shavuot is an opportune time to reflect on and to revitalize our connection with Hashem and with our family members. Jewish tradition compares Matan Torah, the focal point of the Shavuot holiday, to both conversion and marriage, the two contemporary halakhic mandates for a person to immerse in a mikvah. Immersion offers purification and


The Holy See’s Blind Judgment

He’s come across as a person who sincerely wants to unify the world. Yet Pope Francis and the Vatican’s official recognition of the state of Palestine Wednesday is doing just the opposite when it comes to a negotiated Middle East peace. Vatican spokesmen have said that the Pope was merely “switching” its diplomatic relations from


It’s That NORPAC Time of the Year

Next Wednesday some 1,475 delegates from this region will be going by bus, car, van and train as part of the 2015 NORPAC Mission to Washington, D.C.

This annual event is where “tachlis” is spoken between citizen activists and members of both houses of Congress. The Washington Convention Center will


Celebrating Our Community’s Chidon Stars

It’s not every day that a Teaneck teen meets Prime Minister Netanyahu and Natan Sharansky. But Tehila Kornwasser is not an everyday student, and since she placed 10th in the world in the International Chidon HaTanach (Bible Quiz), held in Israel and aired on live television on Yom Ha’atzmaut, we seriously doubt this is the most


Israel Sends Rescue Teams, No Questions Asked

At seemingly every opportunity, the world is quick to send any negative comments or criticisms towards Israel.

Israel does what it can to rise above the hollow rhetoric. What the Jewish State often will do is speak with action instead of words.

Such is the case as we


Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein; We Miss Him Already

His well-known modesty would probably cause him a slight bit of embarrassment by our words.

On Monday, the Religious Zionist/Modern Orthodox worldwide community lost one of its true gedolim.

Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein, 81, died last Monday. He is irreplaceable. He was

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