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Politics and the Parsha: Backward Looking

It’s no wonder the sons of Jacob don’t believe it. They had ambushed Joseph and held him captive only to sell him as a slave. Everything he’d endured since then seemingly stems from their trickery: servitude to Potiphar, his master’s wife framing him for what could have been a capital crime, and his being imprisoned based on that


Presenting the First Edition of The Jewish Link of New Jersey

With this week’s edition of the Jewish Link, we take a step forward in our short history by growing our paper to meet the needs of our growing community. The Jewish Link of Bergen County, established in March 2013, has been welcomed into religious homes in Bergen County as special addition to their families’ reading material. Our “Shabbos paper,” is also


Support Your Neighbors. Support Project Ezrah

The annual Project Ezrah dinner is this Motzei Shabbos at Keter Torah in Teaneck. If you live in Bergen County and are a member of a shul, you received your invitations, viewed emails about the dinner, heard from your local rabbi about it, and perhaps received calls and emails from friends and neighbors exhorting you to attend or support this unique chesed


Thank You, OU, For Reminding Us

We thank the Orthodox Union for saying [stating the obvious] “We cannot countenance a response to terror [substitute any act you do not like] that resorts to wholesale demonization [of Muslims, Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Ethiopians, Jews from other streams of Judaism, or other ethnic groups and religions] advocates for the collective


They Said It Couldn’t Be Done. They Said Nobody Could Do It…BUT

They have done it. At long last, the rabbis with heart and the rabbis with courage, who promised women over a year ago, that they would establish a special beit din to deal with issues of igun, have done so in Riverdale, NY, just across the Hudson from Bergen County.

They promise to work on the issues of freeing agunot, the chained women who are left in limbo


Words Can Kill

Students of genocide, students of war, understand the importance of words. Without them, it would be impossible to construct “the other,” “the enemy.” Lies and gross generalizations lead to fear, anger, hatred and violence. And for the last five months in Jerusalem, words have done more than their fair share of killing. The two


The View from the GA

Oxon, Md., right outside of DC is a picturesque setting for a family reunion, and that’s what it felt like at the GA, the General Assembly of the North American Federations. Lots of energy was spent discussing pressing issues that face our collective Jewish community, up to and including an inordinate amount of time discussing the Israel/America relationship in light


Remembering Jewish War Veterans on Veterans’ Day

As we celebrate Veteran’s Day, we realized that the people in our community who serve or served in the U.S. Armed Forces have little or no relevance to the rest of us–whether they are observant or not. Today, few Jews are members of the U.S. military, and were it not for the IDF there would be even fewer Jews ever facing combat, though


Mea Culpa, Apologies to Rabbi Zierler and the Jewish Center of Teaneck

It is never easy to swallow one’s words and apologize for a serious mistake in public, but the Jewish Link is taking responsibility for a miscommunication that created a front page headline last week that did harm to Rabbi Lawrence Zierler. Our headline and the lead paragraph were wrong. Rabbi Zierler was not laid off. He


We Salute the Shabbos Project 2014

Kol Hakavod to the many families in our community who have been busily planning, organizing, cooking, baking, inviting and getting ready to host guests for the Bergen County Shabbos Project taking place this Shabbos, Parshas Noach. We share the enthusiasm imparted by South Africa’s chief rabbi Warren Goldstein, who successfully encouraged


Things That Go Boom in the Night

God works in mysterious ways. A huge explosion at about 11 p.m. Sunday Tehran time, shook the city, and every window within a 15-mile radius of a place called Parchin, broke. Parchin is 19 miles from Tehran. You may have heard of it. It’s a bone of contention in the negotiations with Iran. They don’t want to let anyone in.


School Daze

Open School Days are upon the community, as parents taste and sample the offerings at the educational institutions that will take responsibility for their children. Baruch Hashem, Bergen County is blessed with many such fine institutions, and parents have plenty to choose from. Of course, each school has its own programming, with its own hashkafot, or philosophies of

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