Saturday, January 28, 2023


Things That Go Boom in the Night

God works in mysterious ways. A huge explosion at about 11 p.m. Sunday Tehran time, shook the city, and every window within a 15-mile radius of a place called Parchin, broke. Parchin is 19 miles from Tehran. You may have heard of it. It’s a bone of contention in the negotiations with Iran. They don’t want to let anyone in.


School Daze

Open School Days are upon the community, as parents taste and sample the offerings at the educational institutions that will take responsibility for their children. Baruch Hashem, Bergen County is blessed with many such fine institutions, and parents have plenty to choose from. Of course, each school has its own programming, with its own hashkafot, or philosophies of


Looking Back and to the Future: Keeping Our Balance

This is JLBC’s second Rosh Hashanah in print, and we are grateful that so many of you responded to us with great enthusiasm and a sense of participation and community. We have much to celebrate, including all our neighbors in Bergen County and beyond. We thank those who have contributed their articles, thoughts and letters to make this a neighborhood newspaper with


The Deadline is But One Week Away

Since Washington did away with polity and comity among Republicans and Democrats back in the 80s, divisiveness and acrimony have tainted every aspect of our lives. From the right and left, and the left and the right, religiously and politically, no one can agree to disagree anymore. The enmity and viciousness that accompany these opinions have led people to demand that


Strange Bedfellows and Action at Last

It has taken a while for the President and the State Department to get their act together in order to fight ISIS. Amazingly ISIS is openly recruiting all over Europe, in cities like Split, Croatia. That’s not a surprise, because the Balkans were where the original battles against Islamic terrorists were fought as early as 1990, when Sarajevo exploded. Since then, no


Let’s Walk an Extra Mile This Sunday

In a time of great unrest throughout the Middle East, with the tides rising against Jews in so many places, it’s even more important to live in unity with those who share our values, and to applaud the community organizations that do so much to bring us all closer together. Based on the Biblical commandment of V’Ahavta L’Reacha Kamocha, “to love your


Pikuach Nefesh Must Trump Metzitzah B’Peh

One of the most mortifying moments in Jewish life was watching a clip on youtube of Anthony Weiner, who was making his post-scandal run for Mayor of NYC sitting with the Munkatcher Rebbe in Boro Park. The rebbe pleaded his case for metzitzah B’peh (MBP). “Only a few babies die, compared to thousands who live,” he told Weiner, who readily agreed to do what he


Listen America! Qatar and Hamas Are Not Your Friends

On an ancient sitcom called Car 54 Where Are You? Toody’s wife, Lucille, would stick her head out the window and yell, “Listen, Amer­ica!” followed by some pearl of wisdom, like, “My husband is a nut.” We, too, have been sticking our heads out and screaming, “Lis­ten, America!” Today we yell the same thing PM Netanyahu said on Wednesday in reac­tion to


Strange Bedfellows

Wednesday was a strange day, but the murmurings had begun early last week, af­ter ISIL (the name changes almost weekly, and we need to find a permanent acronym for these insane religious extremists) trapped thousands of Yazidis on a mountain in Iraq, murdered thousands of Christians and took over a major dam, cities all over Iraq and even towns on the Syria and


It Felt Like Tisha B’Av

The events of the last three weeks drove home for the Jewish people – once again, unfortunately - the challenges and difficul­ties we face. The three weeks began with the end of mourning period for three innocent boys on their way home from school and later changed to rage and self-reflection when three young Jewish lunatics inciner­ated alive an innocent Arab


Hyperbole, Hypocrisy and Hate: The Lethal Mix

Most of the producers, directors, reporters, broadcast facilities and editorial offices of the biggest media corporations are in our back­yard. It is amazing that they are either so igno­rant, or so hypocritical, or dare we say it, so an­tisemitic, because of the subtle ways in which they sabotage the facts of what is going on in Israel and Gaza. They exonerate the


Words Can Kill and Words Can Heal

After the Holocaust, the Jewish people have been self-perceived and perceived by others as being voices of moral authority. After all, we were victims, and we do everything we can to defend ourselves in every moral and ethical way ever since and we speak out on behalf of other victims. We did not seem to have among us, except in extremely rare instances, the kinds of

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