Friday, February 03, 2023


Clothes Do Not Make the Man

Ehud Barak told a reporter she understood when she thanked him for putting an end to Oslo at Taba. Oslo happened because Yasir Arafat said he recognized Israel as a Jewish state, and then, when push came to shove at Taba, he walked away and started the Second Intifada—choosing to remain a terrorist instead of becoming a statesman. On his last day in office, Bill


No Character References for Child Molesters

For years it has been common practice for leaders of the Jewish community to act as character references, especially when someone gets into trouble with the law. Usually the crimes are misdemeanors or white collar crimes. But we cannot see how Jewish leaders, can ever offer character references for those who admit to committing crimes against children. We believe that


End the Humiliation of Israel’s Diplomats

New York—I started writing this article during the first Israeli Foreign Ministry strike a few months ago, but was reluctant to publish it because of my personal predilection against involvement in internal governmental matters of this kind. Visiting Israel at the time, I was stunned by the public’s indifference to the strike and the dismissive attitude towards


It’s Not Really About the IDF, You Know.

We Jews are a stiff-necked people, and sometimes Hashem pounds on us to force us to understand that achdus is the key to Jewish survival in a post-Holocaust world, not sinat chinom. Jewish history is replete with epic battles between the left and right, religiously and politically, even since before Yetziat Mitzrayim and the destruction of the Batei Mikdash.  Frum


Our Pre-Purim Commitment & Reminder

While working away on our first weekly issue, l’kovod Purim, we were called to account for the too sharp tone and tenor of recent letters to the editor. This reminded us that we can be more respectful of each other, and WE will do better in the future. Our goal going forward is to stick to the issues that our community is confronting and avoid – as best we can –


Nafal Ateret Rosheinu

It was a shock. He was just 64, and a leader in the community who showed us how to live. He didn’t lecture us. He didn’t stand at a pulpit and talk. He sat and listened to the sad and desperate circumstances our neighbors find themselves in, and did something about it. His name was Rabbi Yosef Stern, z”tl—Yossie to many of Teaneck’s old timers, friend and


We Couldn’t Do It Without You

It is hard to believe how fast a year can go by when you are focused on serving the contemporary Orthodox community in Bergen. It’s an experience that has opened our eyes into how our neighbors interact, and how we mesh together as a Jewish community that spans a diverse and well-meaning world. We could not make this a successful newspaper without the assistance of


The Challenge of Covering the Contemporary Orthodox Community

When we took on the responsibility of publishing the Jewish Link of Bergen County, we knew we were in for an adventure, but we didn’t realize how challenging it would be. Some of our colleagues thought we were crazy to put a print newspaper together. But we knew we had a vibrant community to cover, one whose residents and readers, on both sides of the Hudson—from


Give From Your Heart, Give to Sinai Schools

The vast majority of those who support Sinai Schools, both by attending the annual dinner and by yearly donations, are not themselves parents of Sinai students. They are members of our community who are merely witness to the immense benefit of the schools’ work, both for their own families and for themselves.

The financial burden on Sinai Schools parents,


Mazel Tov! RCA & Rabbinate Make a Deal

We suppose everyone pretty much agrees, despite their politics, that the deliberate jamming of the George Washington Bridge for a week that included the first day of school and the anniversary of 9/11 turned people off to the powers that be, whoever they were. The perpetrators certainly did not endear the Port Authority to folks who had to wait as much as three hours


The Modern Language Association Joins the Losers

We congratulate the Modern Language Association (MLA) for becoming  the latest in the line of idiots as described by Liel Leibovitz in the article he wrote for Tablet and we reprinted with permission in this issue. Their leadership is politically blinder than a bat, and they have no business, really, sticking their noses into power politics in the Middle East.


Can Iran take the U.S. Seriously? Seriously.

We are all in agreement. The Iranians are bad players and must be stopped. They cannot be trusted. We know that, too. Since Geneva, their officials say they can go back to nuclear weapons development on a day’s notice. That’s why Congress wants to make sure they have no wiggle room to exploit whatever advantage they think they got by agreeing to the deal—a deal

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