Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Putin ‘Apologizes’ to Israel

It’s not often that you see a headline that begins with the words “Putin apologizes.” But both American and Israeli media have reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin offered an apology to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett for antisemitic slurs one of his top advisers made last week regarding Hitler and


What Is Your College Student Doing This Summer?

The Jewish Link is seeking college students with a demonstrated interest in reporting, writing and photography to join us for this year’s summer internship program, based in Teaneck. We are looking for motivated, flexible and creative self-starters who are able to meet tight deadlines and cover last-minute events. Responsibilities will


The UN’s Antisemitism Problem Won’t Be Solved by Ignoring It

With the UN Human Rights Council’s Commission of Inquiry set to smear Israel as an ‘apartheid state,’ the Jewish state’s supporters need to realize that this threat is more than mere talk.

By Jonathan S Tobin/JNS.org

For decades, supporters


Sanctifying the Name

In recent years we have often felt plagued by reports of Israeli and Jewish leaders whose immoral actions had been exposed. A president guilty of sexual abuse. A prime minister indicted on charges of corruption and bribery. Rabbis in several countries accused of financial impropriety, sexual harassment and child abuse. That such


Rav Nota Greenblatt, zt”l: A Behind-the-Scenes Torah Giant

I was surprised but not shocked to see the passing of Rav Nota Greenblatt, zt”l, described in last week’s Jewish newspapers in a small blurb. I was surprised because a great man like Rav Nota deserves much more than a small blurb! I was not shocked since outside of Memphis, his adopted city since 1949, he was not well known in


Kohen: Beyond Ritual Alone

Parshat Emor

As we have learned from previous haftarah selections taken from the final section of Sefer Yechezkel, the navi uses these final chapters to describe the future Temple service that would be observed during the era of Bayit Shlishi, the Third Temple. This particular haftarah



Rav Yehuda Amital, zt”l, was a unique talmid chacham, visionary and builder of Torah. After his family was killed in Auschwitz, Rav Amital came to Eretz Yisrael, fought in the Haganah and was the founding rosh yeshiva of Har Etzion (“the Gush”). Respected for his penetrating genius and fierce independence, Rav Amital was beloved as a


Interpreting Extraneous Vavs: Yevamot 68-69

Rabbi Akiva (ben Yosef) and Rabbi Yishmael (ben Elisha), two fourth-generation Amoraim, famously have different approaches to Biblical interpretation. While both developed hermeneutical rules—e.g., Rabbi Akiva expounding miut/ribuy and Rabbi Yishmael expounding kelal/prat (Shevuot 26a)—Rabbi Yishmael is often deemed the more


In Our Hands

הַכֹּל צָפוּי, וְהָרְשׁוּת נְתוּנָה ובְטוֹב הָעוֹלָם נִדּוֹן (אבות ג:טו)

After emphasizing the preciousness of man (Mishnah 14), Rabbi Akiva continues in Mishnah 15 by speaking about the relationship between Hashem’s knowledge of man’s deeds


The Power of the Moadim

The second half of Parshat Emor deals with the chagim, the holidays that populate the Jewish year. Although the chagim are mentioned in a number of other places in the Torah as well, it is in this week’s parsha that the major mitzvot associated with each chag are explicated and discussed. For this reason, these passages are often


The Impact of Weekly Feedback: Building Meaning for Better Teaching

As a math teacher of 9th to 12th grade students, I frequently reflect on how feedback is given in math classes and the contents of that feedback. But I am also a GLC (grade level coordinator, a sort of “grade dean”) for the entire ninth grade. In that role I spend a lot of time talking to students and parents, both those in my classes


The Root for ‘Round’: Ayin-Gimel-Lamed

fEveryone agrees that the root עגל fundamentally means “round” in Tanach. (See, e.g., “agol” at I Kings 7:23.)

But an issue in this root is the word עגל (calf). Is it just a coincidence that this animal has this name? Or can we say that it is called this because of its “rolling and

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