Thursday, June 01, 2023

Everyone has tried it! From appetizers to guacamole to vegetarian extravaganzas. Finally success has reached the infamous location. Caribbean Treif has opened its doors to the myriads of people looking to whet their palates with something new and different. Hopefully the rush of non-kosher consumers entering their doors will not greatly affect the parking situation. Good luck Caribbean Treif—we hope you last at least two months.

Another idea would be to have a Halal restaurant open on the street after Carribean Treif goes out of business. We could call it (Mohammed) Hameeduddin’s Den. Everyone will forget how to spell it, so it’s a perfect meeting place for the Teaneck City Council where no one would think of looking for them. Imagine Elie Katz and Mark Schwartz being seen walking into the Den. In their backpacks would be take-out from Chopstix. However, Hameeduddin much prefers the ribs from Dougie’s, which he would have ordered in before the group arrives.

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