Friday, October 07, 2022

Upon the yahrzeit of the holy Plotzker Gaon, the Maharal Tzintz zt”l, 3 Iyar

The news was greeted joyfully throughout the Torah world: The two volume enhanced edition of “Ayeles Ahuvim” on Maseches Kesubos is ready to be printed!

To those who are Torah scholars, no further explanation is necessary. These sefarim are among the better known works of the Maharal Tzintz, and have been studied by Torah scholars across the world for generations. But even those who are not knowledgeable enough to fully understand and appreciate this work are awed by the mechaber himself - his Torah knowledge, his renowned piety, and his ability to be po’el yeshuos in a miraculous manner.

What Is the Rav’s Promise?

It happened during the final minutes before the Rav’s departure from this world, on the 3rd of Iyar, 5593 (1833). When the Plotzker Gaon was about to depart for the Olom Ha’Emes, he asked for a wooden board and a quill, and with his last bit of strength, wrote the words that amounted to his Last Will and Testament, “I will come to the defense of whoever shall exert himself to print my sefarim, if he has some merit.”

Then the Rav commented, “A merchant does not display a sign in his establishment unless he has goods to sell!”

On his matzeivoh, in Warsaw, are engraved the simple but awesome words of the Rav’s will, his promise and legacy to future generations.

Close to two centuries have passed since the tzaddik made his famous pledge, and it has lost none of its potency during all that time. Many people have seen that promise fulfilled in miraculous ways.

The Role of Machon Maharal Tzintz

The sacred mission of the Maharal Tzintz was to spread Torah, by means of his sefarim, throughout the world. His vision was to enlighten Torah scholars in every corner of the globe so that they could gain a deeper understanding of the Torah they study. The Machon Maharal Tzintz is the organization, which, through its dedicated efforts, translates this vision into reality.

As a further aid to comprehension, the scholars at the Machon enhance the original works of the Rav by adding references to the sources on which the Maharal Tzintz’s writings are based, as well as citations of other works that also examine the topic under discussion, or which pose a difficulty similar to the one posed by the Maharal Tzintz in a particular passage, or offer a related insight. Also cited are other places where the Maharal treats the topic under discussion.

A Rare Opportunity

In honor of the gaon’s Yoma d’hilula on the third of Iyar, the Machon Maharal Tzintz is now preparing to publish the gaon’s well-known sefer, the first of the many sefarim he authored, the Ayeles Ahuvim vol 3-4 on Maseches Kesubos.

A donation of only $720 will sponsor 30 sets, $450 will sponsor 18 sets, and $250 will sponsor 10 sets. These prices cover both printing and distribution. In an effort to enable more people to take advantage of this unique Segulah, the Machon has established a convenient monthly payment plan option, whereby a small donation of $36 per month will suffice to allow for sponsorship in this project.

These sefarim will be distributed to Battei Medrash, Kollelim and Yeshivos. You can designate to which of these you want the sefarim you are sponsoring to be sent.

On the occasion of the gaon’s hilula, a group of selected bnei Torah will travel to his tziyun and offer their heartfelt tefilos and specifically mention the names of all the contributors and be me’orer rachamim on their behalf.

By your generous sponsorship, you will be fulfilling the will of the tzadik, and bringing blessings upon yourself and your family. You will acquire a powerful meilitz yosher, and your kvitel will be read at the tzadik’s tziyun on the day of the yahrzeit. But hurry --- the day of the yahrzeit is approaching rapidly!

To sponsor the sefarim, or for more information, please contact the Machon at 718-259-2395. You can sponsor 30 sets for $720, 18 sets for $450, 10 sets for $250 or $36 monthly. Your kvitel may be faxed to 718-256-4489 or emailed to [email protected]

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