Monday, September 26, 2022

Yaffa Sabghir decided to join Team Lifeline for America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride in Lake Tahoe in 2011. Yaffa loved the cause and wanted something to push her to exercise, so riding with Team Lifeline made perfect sense. Team Lifeline brings cyclists to Lake Tahoe to raise awareness and funds for Chai Lifeline, an organization that provides year-round support to children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Fate stepped in for Yaffa when she met Anshie Kagan, also part of Team Lifeline. “I didn’t come to Tahoe for the men, I came for the exhilarating bike ride and to support Chai Lifeline. Meeting someone who shared my interests was the most unexpected and best bonus I could have dreamed of,” says Yaffa. “I think it’s important to get out and do what you love. The rest will work itself out.” In 2013, two weeks after their wedding, they returned to ride with Team Lifeline as a married couple. On Sunday June 6, 2016, Anshie and Yaffa returned to Lake Tahoe again with Team Lifeline for their fourth year! Team Lifeline in Lake Tahoe has become their happily ever after.

Team Lifeline offers individuals the opportunity to reach a personal goal, while helping make a seriously ill child smile. Participants train for several weeks to prepare for the marathon or bike ride, and crossing that finish line is incredibly rewarding. Running or biking for a cause brings that reward to a whole new level. Each individual participant is making a difference in the life of a sick child and their family. “Team Lifeline in Lake Tahoe is an intimate experience” says Yaffa, “You get to connect with like-minded Jews from all over the US and Canada, but it is a small enough crowd that you get to meet everyone. Cyclists are generally extremely passionate, rather obsessed and strong willed. It is inspiring to get connected.”

Chai Lifeline’s mission is to bring joy to children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Chai Lifeline’s multitude of programs was created to alleviate the emotional, social and financial challenges facing families living with pediatric illness. Chai Lifeline provides fun and support to these children, their parents and their siblings.

Team Lifeline participates in four amazing races each year, including the Miami Marathon, Las Vegas Marathon, NYC Marathon and Lake Tahoe Bike Ride. If you would like to learn more about Team Lifeline, visit us at www.teamlifeline.org. Register today and help us make a difference. You never know who you will meet!

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