Thursday, June 01, 2023

Some of us remember curling up on the living room couch with a pile of library books that would keep our imaginations soaring throughout the long, summer, Shabbat afternoons. A vision of the past or a potential for the future?

Experienced educator Linda Stock has as her goal the creation of lifelong readers. “I would like to instill in children a love of reading to last a lifetime.” After working as an administrator in schools, Linda Stock has decided to offer her expertise to children who are reluctant readers and enable them to “unlock their blocks and crack the codes of phonics, fluency and comprehension. In this way they will develop the confidence to become independent readers, readers for life.”

The service, which Stock is calling “Linda Stock Learning Specialist,” will be Teaneck-based and convenient to school schedules throughout the year as well as summers. Stock will incorporate the Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory approach to reading as well as the expertise she has garnered in almost 35 years in the field of education.

A graduate of Stern College with a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s in curriculum development and administration, Stock brought her love of reading to her classrooms in NYC and later to Yavneh Academy in Paramus while working in the library. In this capacity she was involved in building the library’s collection and overseeing research projects. When her further talents were recognized, she began her career in administration, overseeing the secular studies of Grades 1 and 2, and introducing balanced literacy, literacy centers and guided reading into the program. After three years of administration at Yavneh, she joined the team at Yeshivat Noam, which was initiating its third grade. At Noam, Stock helped grow the secular studies curriculum as each additional elementary grade was added. In the course of her 12 years as assistant principal of the elementary school Grades 1-5, she was able to create a culture of “love of learning” through many innovations, including guided and independent reading, readers’ workshop, blended learning and, of course, technology.

According to Stock, technology has brought its advances to the field of reading and has in no way replaced books. Technology offers the ability to enhance the reading experience by enlarging print, reading along with auditory versions of the book and, of course, offering a plethora of e-books. Stock plans to utilize her familiarity with technological tools in her learning sessions.

As a learning specialist, Stock will provide skills to youngsters currently in Grades K through 5 in the areas of reading, math and writing. She will provide reading evaluations and offer organizational skills. She will incorporate the Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory approach to teaching reading as well as the myriad approaches she has implemented throughout her career. Stock looks forward to working closely with the many Bergen County families with which she has interacted so positively and meaningfully in the past.

“Linda Stock Learning Specialist (LSLS)” invites parents to contact her for consultations and initial evaluations. In addition, Stock invites school administrators to contact her for educational consulting for teachers and administrators as well as curriculum coaching.

Please call 201-410-7059 or email [email protected]

By Pearl Markovitz

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