Monday, June 05, 2023

The Yemei Rachamim v’Ratzon is fast approaching, and all of klal Yisrael seek to garner as many zechusim as possible. The office of Kollel Chatzos is abuzz with activity. Yidden from all over the world are calling, asking to have the holy Chatzos talmidei chachamim daven for them during the auspicious hours after chatzos halayla, when the gates to heaven are wide open and Hashem accepts our tefillos b’rachamim u’veratzon.

Now, in the Selichos days, all of klal Yisrael arises before the sun to be mispallel in the holy night hours when our tefillos are more readily answered. The talmidei chachamim at Kollel Chatzos awaken at midnight each night of the year to learn and daven during the auspicious time, effecting refuos and yeshuos in klal Yisrael.

During these holy days, many seek to secure a partnership with Kollel Chatzos in order to declare their oneness with the talmidei chachamim. They select the talmidei chachamim as their representatives to beseech Heaven on their behalf and secure them a sweet new year.

It is worthy to note that during the current Elul days there has been much participation from the tzibur at the kollel. Yidden taking the opportunity, during these days of closeness to Hashem, to awaken early and join the talmidei chachamim of Kollel Chatzos in their Torah study.

It is our hope that the power of Torah and tefillah at chatzos halayla will bring an abundance of blessing to all of klal Yisrael, and that we should all be granted a sweet new year when we will finally be zoche to greet Moshiach.

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