Monday, October 25, 2021

Picking a bat mitzvah tzedakah project was no easy feat, especially for sixth grader Alisha Eisner, who attends Yeshivat Noam. Notably, in our community alone, there are a plethora of worthy causes, charities and organizations to choose from. After much research and thought, Alisha decided to raise funds for Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services by participating in Community Recycling’s ShoeBox Recycling Program.

Community Recycling’s ShoeBox Recycling program recycles gently used shoes for reuse. Alisha will collect shoes that will find new owners around the world from South America and Africa to areas right here in the United States. The recycled shoes will go to help people and communities in over 50 countries. In addition, for every pound collected, Ohel will receive funds directly from Community Recycling, enabling Alisha to contribute on so many fronts.

Through ShoeBox Recycling’s SoleMate Note initiative, recyclers are urged to include a “SoleMate” note along with their recycled shoes, telling their shoes’ new owner where they came from, what they were used for, or even any special memories attached to them. In return, the recipient can write back to complete the SoleMate connection.

Alisha chose to raise funds for Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services because of the role Ohel has played in the lives of people near and dear to her. They provide services such as foster care and placement, group homes for children and adults, as well as mental health and a plethora of other services and programs for those in need.

Please partner with Alisha for these two worthy causes and donate your gently used shoes. Collection boxes can be found at Congregation Keter Torah and Yeshivat Noam Middle School. Once the boxes are full, they will be shipped to Community Recycling and replaced with new ones. This project will be ongoing throughout the school year.

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