Saturday, March 25, 2023

This past Motzei Shabbos, Dr. Jason and Pnina Suss graciously opened their home for a melave malka to benefit Camp HASC, co-hosted by Ethan and Melissa Keiser. It was incredible to see over 250 community members come out to learn about and support the work that Camp HASC does each summer and year-round.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear from many different people in the Teaneck community who have a personal connection to Camp HASC in various capacities.

Dena Kinderlehrer, staff alumnus and parent of a camper, shared her perspective of Camp HASC and how it affects not only her son, Zev’s, summer and life, but her entire family’s as well. “..When [Zev] is away at Camp HASC, we are all much calmer and more relaxed. We love it and we know that Zev loves it there too—in part because he asks us about when HASC starts almost from the moment he gets home… If you’ve never been to Camp HASC before, I strongly recommend you go visit and see what the words ‘heaven on earth’ really mean. It sounds like a pretty strong statement, but it’s true.”

Dr. Jason Suss shared, “After each and every visit [to Camp HASC], my wife Pnina and I confirm that spending Shabbos with the campers, counselors and staff is the single greatest chinuch opportunity we can give our children.“

Other speakers included Ethan Keiser, Camp HASC staff alumnus and co-host of the event, and Kayla Blumenfeld, a veteran staff member in Camp HASC for the past two years, who shared her own experiences in camp and why she’s choosing to return for yet another seven weeks this summer. “Being a counselor in HASC has been the craziest seven weeks of my life. It is hands-down the hardest I have ever worked but at the same time the most fun, inspiring, educational and meaningful seven weeks of my life,” Kayla shared in her speech.

Rav Judah Mischel, executive director of Camp HASC, remarked, “The committee members and hosts did an amazing job, and the generosity and participation of the Teaneck-Bergenfield community was so encouraging and uplifting... the melave malka was really a beautiful Kiddush Hashem.”

A special thanks to Dr. Jason and Pnina Suss and Ethan and Melissa Keiser for co-hosting the event, and to Moshe and Dena Kinderlehrer for being the chairmen of the committee. Thank you to the 18 couples on the committee who put in the work to make this event as big of a success as it was, as well as to Five-Star Caterers for the delicious and beautiful melave malka. Thank you to the event planners from Camp HASC—Rav Peretz Hochbaum, Chani Goldman, Baila Mandelbaum, Yonatan Sklar, Amira Pechet and Jenny Konigsberg.

Throughout the year and all summer long, Camp HASC is committed to providing meaningful care and support services for over 300 individuals with special needs and their families.

Camp HASC needs support from friends and partners in the communities that it serves to continue doing this amazing and much-needed work. To see more of the magic that happens in Camp HASC and to get involved in miracles that happen daily, visit www.CampHASC.org, or contact Rabbi Peretz Hochbaum, executive director of development at: [email protected]

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